Saturday, January 22, 2011

The new (or not so new) way to shop

When I think of shopping, I think of that one famous scene in Pretty Women on Rodeo Drive. Julia Roberts carrying glamorous, shining bags proudly holding the words Gucci and Chanel. But seriously, as much as dream of it, can us simple middle class gals really afford Louis Vuitton. Instead we are lowered to the badly lit chain stores that although the clothes are pretty, there isn't any wow factor in them.  I have recently learned however from my uniquely dressed sister that there is a third option. Op Shopping, or 2nd hand shopping. Ok, so it certainly isn't the most sophisticated way to shop, and sometimes it can take a while to find something decent that's in your size but you can also score fabulous, one of a kind buys for 1/2 the price of many shirts you find in your fav shop. I myslef have scored a black mini skirt ($11), a H&M trench coat ($38), a gold belt ($3) and a white Creem top ($13) to name a few of my bargain buys. Another great thing about Op Shopping is that there is one 2nd hand shop almost everywhere. I've seen them all over the city shopping district, in small towns, big towns so there is no excuse for country girls not to have at least one fabulous op shop buy.

So check out op shops. You never know what you might find...


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