Monday, August 29, 2011

To live in one woolly jumper...

" That lumpy blue sweeter"
-Miranda Priestly (the devil wears prada)

I always read about people who take on a challenge to live off $5.00 a week. They cut down on food, power, everything and anything that costs them money. For a fashionista, food and power aren't the problem. Its clothes.
When i went away to the cold of Taupo i couldn't bring my wardrobe with me. My forever new coat and 21 pairs of jeans stayed in my wardrobe and to me that was as hard as living on $5.00 a week. 

 So when i headed for a week in the cold town of Taupo, over half my suitcase was full of woolly jumpers and jeans. I found out really how hard it is to pack reasonable walking clothes along with clothes that Dont look like they were bought from a shop called "Tourists are Us". 
So i made a plan of action.
I packed 4 basics. A pair of dark wash jeans, a pair of light wash jeans, a red jumper and one other jumper. Both of my jumpers were knitted by my mum to insure i would be nice and toasty and the jeans were two of my fav pairs. Alongside these basics i had other tops and the usual shoes, and i full bag of jewelry. I found it was the best way to change up my outfits. Adding a ring, changing a necklace was how i survived my week in Taupo. The jewelry only took up a tiny space in my suitcase too, bonus!
so i was able to do my touristy things (see the picture of the Huka falls as an example haha) but still have what i think are blog worthy looks.

Heres a little peek!

My hair was another way to change up my look :)

My friend took this photo of me in the playground. You sat in this little egg that was stuck tilted in the ground and you spun around and around. Haha it was so funny.

 This is my other knitted jumper showing off some of the necklaces i brought with me.

Had time for a little fun in the shops of Taupo and bought this little cheap ring. I will give your blog a shout out if you can guess where i got it from!

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  1. You've got some cute stuff for winter. I absolutely love your necklaces, especially the one with the watch. :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  2. ahhhhh love your sense of style. the red sweater is too cute and i love how you paired it with the boots and cuffed jeans. following!!

    xxAttention, Attention!


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