Friday, September 30, 2011

Lying Friday #4

"The whole school's dying to see what Sutton Mercer will be wearing. I'm a little curious myself.."
-Laurel Mercer

Welcome to Shop, Style, Conquer's 4th "Lying Friday" post.

Lying Friday is a post all about TV show fashion. Some great looks come together on screen and at the end of the week we like to  look back at Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl or The lying game and see which show left us inspired the most. 

Once again i picked The Lying Game for this Lying Fridays post. 
It felt like summer outside today and i was inspired by all the cute shorts they wear on the show.

Here's some photos from the past season i have put together.

Now here's my outfit...

This gorgeous top is a gift Erin bought for me from Canada. I felt the soft silky fabric represented the effortless, expensive and youthful style from "The Lying Game".

I also used my sisters Country Road Bag. These girls don't do simple back packs, they do designer everything no matter how impracticable it is, including there super high heels.  I'm pretty sure no one really goes to high school everyday dressed like this!

So what do you think of this outfit and Lying Game fashion and style?

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Creme Magazine Abduction Movie Preview

"Don't mock the scarf Nathaniel. It's my signature"
- Chuck Bass (gossip girl)

In the day in the life of a teenage fashionista, i sometimes come across a time where i have no idea what to wear. It's not because i dont have enough clothes, but its because i dont know what everyone else will be wearing! You know when your getting ready for a party but you dont know if you should go dressy or casual? heels or flats? well it happened to me on monday when i won tickets to a preview screening of "Abduction".

So to solve this fashion crisis, i picked out some of my favorite fashion items and went casual chic for the night.

Necklace: Atrium on Elliot $20, Ring: Diva $5 (on sale)

I must say the movie was amazing! I think i counted a total of two shirtless scenes? but thats not all that was great about the movie, so make sure you go watch it!

Thanks to creme magazine for the awesome freebies (TL posters - hawt! - and cool charm spray) and the awesome night.
Now on to the outfit..

My favorite glassons shoes and a vintage handbag...

My grey General Issue skinny jeans

My oh so comfy Forever New coat

The lion king statue outside the cinema, had to have a picture with it!

So whats your go to outfit for unknown party's or events?

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tea anyone?

Love and scandal are the best sweetners of tea
-Henry Fielding

Today's quote has relevance in two ways;

One, I am so excited for the next season of Gossip Girl, 
though somewhat disappointed they've left New York for LA. 
Though I am sure there will be as much scandal as ever!

I am loving the colourful summery looks I've seen from Serena in the next episode, 
I cant wait till summer gets here to try a few
 (Summer's arriving in a couple of months in New Zealand)


Secondly this week i tried out Butter London's Tea With The Queen nail polish

Its a neutral colour; tea with a tint of pink, 

I wasn't entirely sure if i liked it at first since it does look slightly rusty 

and off for my skin tone in some artificial lights, 
but natural light has convinced me that it is nice after all.

It does look like it could be particularly nice on my Korean friends skin tone surprisingly enough.

Finally a few pics of an outfit I wore last week. 

It was warming up down here, but it recently got cold again...

This dress reminds me of winter and the type of "ugly" jumper grandmas knit that I love.

Till next time...

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

En Francais...

"I've been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear."
- Author Unknown

 Yesterday was a blur of food and culture. 
I went down to the viaduct where i was hit by a wave of french rugby supporters. Flags were being waved in every direction and it was 10:00 in the morning and the big game didn't even start till 8:30 later that night! 
Being down in New Zealand and watching the rugby world cup unfold is amazing. People are so friendly to each other and i have never seen this country so alive! every second car that drives past me as i walk to school will have at least one flag stuck to a window.
I wont go into the boring details of every rugby game but i will do what a fashion blogger does best and show you some pictures and my outfit!

The "Cloud" (click to see what i'm talking about) was full of things to do during the day when there were no games. Even though im not a tourist, i was still fascinated by all the different cultural activities. In one corner there were women doing henna on peoples hands (see more photos below) and then lovely Cook Island women on the other side of the room making beautiful flower headbands. There was also face painting going on oh and did i mention the amount of food around?!? 

I also loved the atmosphere. There were so many french singing and dancing around. My friend and I followed a ton of French people around listening in on there conversations and practicing our own French. Here's a pic of these French guys all dressed up taking a photo with some All Black fans!

So hows life and fashion going on other parts of the world?

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Friday, September 23, 2011

"For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work."
- Jessica Savitch

If you dont have a school uniform or are at university (college), 
you'll probably agree with me when i say it can be a lot of hard work to put an outfit together everyday.

While some of your classmates may perpetually live in t-shirts and jeans, 
there is a way to make this a bit more interesting ...

I went for jeans, but chose something a bit more interesting; 
with bleached and ripped material.

I also chose to wear some current boots to help with
 traversing all those spring puddles.

I also went for a bit of Gossip Girl inspired sparkle, 
you don't need an occasion to get out that bling!
I brings up the style factor of any outfit...

Lastly a top with a fun print, a decked out folder, 
some winged eyeliner and I was ready to go.

How do you like to inject some glam into your everyday casual style?

Till next time, 
keep working hard, 
fashion-wise and academically,

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Forget blue jeans, go black...

"I wish i had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all i hope for in my clothes"
- Yves Saint Laurent

Forget the classic blue jeans, today i dressed in all black! New Zealanders are actually known for wearing all black. When asked, 90% of people from New Zealand said they wore black simply because its flattering on any figure. We are also known for dressing up in black on other occasions.... When the All Blacks are playing a rugby game! So today i played around with black to show a little support for the All Blacks and to see what all these New Zealanders are on about.

I even got out this vintage camera and edited my photos to black and white!
What do you think.

And now for the outfit...
Looking back at the photos now it almost has a old-school journalist girl look about it...

 What do you think?
i love reading every single comment, so keep commenting guys,

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello, Cheeky Chops!

Elegance is a question of personality, more than one's clothing
 - Jean-Paul Gaultier

A pop of bright nail polish can brighten your day...

...whether its to brighten up a neutral outfit...

... or bring a smile to your face, even if that day tests are looming...

a cheeky yellow is something to enjoy.

This weeks butter nail polish is Cheeky Chops

A pretty yellow that varies from a rich yellow 
to a custardy colour depending on the lighting. 

I've been enjoying this colour so much
 it makes me sad that I need to take it off now

Until next time,

 keep finding things that make you smile...

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