Saturday, January 29, 2011

Minnie Mouse aint got nothing on me...


"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman."

-Coco Chanel

For a dull outfit, this hairstyle is a total fix and a major pick me up for rainy days or for time when you just want to make someone else smile.





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Friday, January 28, 2011

The 5 Summer Essentials of my Dreams and my Budget

Of course for a lot of you, it is dead cold winter right now. But for me the sun is still shinning and the beaches are still full of people catching the sun’s rays. So just to tease the people in cold weather, and to inform the people in hot weather, I’m creating a list of 5 beach must haves, from my dreams and my budget.

1: The beach bag: an easy, fashionable way to carry all your beach paraphernalia.

My dreams: Kate Spade Flamenco Coal Beach Bag ($325 NZD)

Kate Spade Flamenco Coal Beach Bag ($325 NZD)


My budget: Seafolly Tote Bag - Black and White ($39 NZD)

Seafolly Tote Bag - Black and White ($39 NZD)

2. Floppy straw hat: the funkiest way to keep the rays off your already perfectly tanned face.

My dreams: Melissa Odabash Jemima Hat ($175 NZD)


Melissa Odabash Jemima hat, $175 (NZD)

My budget: - Floppy Straw Hat ($8.50 NZD) - Floppy Straw Hat ($8.50 NZD)


3. Jandels (flip flops, thongs): Colourful, comfortable, effortless.

My dreams: Tory Burch Flip Flop Chocolate – Jildor shoes ($252 NZD)

Tory Burch Flip Flop Chocolate – Jildor shoes ($252 NZD)

My budget: Thin Strap Thong Pink Aztec ($9.95 NZD)

Thin Strap Thong Pink Aztec ($9.95 NZD)

4. Oversized Sunglasses : The completion of an outfit, adds mystery, looks great with your floppy straw hat.

My dreams: Balenciaga Oversized square acetate sunglasses ($450 NZD)

Balenciaga Oversized square acetate sunglasses ($450 NZD)

My budget: Compare to Chanel Inspired Sunglass ($12.50 NZD)

Compare to Chanel Inspired Sunglass ($12.50 NZD)

5. Sun dress: The clothing icon of summer. We all love it, it’s sweet, sexy, and so wonderful to wear.

My dreams: Alice + Olivia Colette Bouquet Dress ($596 NZD)

Alice + Olivia Colette Bouquet Dress ($596 NZD)

My budget: Forever 21 yellow sundress ($29 NZD)

Forever 21 yellow sundress ($29 NZD)


So now I know that I will be looking fabulous whether I'm dreaming or actually at the beach!!

Till next time,



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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Breaking your nail is worth it....

When it comes to bargain hunting and second hand people runaway with their noses in the air, but not me, i love a challenge....

At Savemart, all clothes are second hand and donated, amongst the ugly bridesmaid dresses from the 70's are some pretty rewarding stuff, so i got knee deep in fashion and found these:


An ah-mazing red dress with a bubble hem


A black corset



I paired it with my military inspired jacket and my favorite denim short shorts for today.


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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cinderella, I stole your glass slipper...


“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.”

-Coco Chanel


If i were the prince in Cinderella i would never return the slipper, i would simply keep it for myself. So when i saw Olivia Wilde at the 68th Golden Globes, I wished she would runaway at midnight and leave behind her shoes for me to find, and maybe even throw in the dress too? What can i say? when it comes to fashion, im evil.


Dress: Marchesa Spring/Summer 2011

Olivia Wilde 2011 Golden Globes



Shoes: Christian Louboutin Bridget Back Ankle Boot





(photo from and )

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 The Year Of The Geek

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is the sky, in the street, Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"

-Coco Chanel

As we head into 2011 there is a recurring trend popping up in the world of fashion. The Geek Trend. From jewellery to old school satchels and even glasses are making a comeback. From the runways to even my wardrobe, you all have to admit this trend is addictive.

Geek glasses on runway: D Squared for S/S 2011

truely making geek chic

Owned by mwah: i'm an official geek chic luh-ver with my rubik's cube ring and robot necklace.

I embraced this popular trend in my own special way by creating my own headband. Using lego pieces and black ribbon see what I came up with.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The new (or not so new) way to shop

When I think of shopping, I think of that one famous scene in Pretty Women on Rodeo Drive. Julia Roberts carrying glamorous, shining bags proudly holding the words Gucci and Chanel. But seriously, as much as dream of it, can us simple middle class gals really afford Louis Vuitton. Instead we are lowered to the badly lit chain stores that although the clothes are pretty, there isn't any wow factor in them.  I have recently learned however from my uniquely dressed sister that there is a third option. Op Shopping, or 2nd hand shopping. Ok, so it certainly isn't the most sophisticated way to shop, and sometimes it can take a while to find something decent that's in your size but you can also score fabulous, one of a kind buys for 1/2 the price of many shirts you find in your fav shop. I myslef have scored a black mini skirt ($11), a H&M trench coat ($38), a gold belt ($3) and a white Creem top ($13) to name a few of my bargain buys. Another great thing about Op Shopping is that there is one 2nd hand shop almost everywhere. I've seen them all over the city shopping district, in small towns, big towns so there is no excuse for country girls not to have at least one fabulous op shop buy.

So check out op shops. You never know what you might find...

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Fashion From Head To Nail Tip

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."

-Coco Chanel


An outfit is only as good as its weakest point, so when your outfit needs a little personal tough or something s little more wow, your prayers have been answered.



Newspaper Nails


- They are fresh edgy and fun

- Far from tacky and cheap looking

- everyone you come in contact with will complement you on your totally ah-mazing nails (always a plus)

All you need:

- Vodka (or alcohol rubbing)

- Squares of newspaper bigger than your nails

-white nail polish

- clear nail polish


1. Paint your finger nails white and let them dry completely.

2. dip your finger in vodka for at least 30 seconds or until you feel it is right.

3. put one square of newspaper onto your nail (do not move it or else it will come out smudged) and press down hard to get a sharp black line, if you don't do that it will come out faded.

3. leave it there until all the vodka is soaked up or you can see that the ink has come off the newspaper.

4. pull off the newspaper gently and you will see the newspaper ink has printed onto your nails!

5. To finish off  give your nails a coat of clear nail polish. (there will be some newspaper print around the edges of your finger but it washes off with water)


You can make your nails personal like i did, using your star sign and words that represent you, i also did a dove for my love of animals and a crossword to represent the nerdy side of me.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shop, Style, Conquer. Erin's Video.

Hey world,Erin here, for more on me check out the "all about Erin" page.Follow us!xoxo
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Shop, Style, Conquer

Hey!Ellen here, this is me, my style and a little sneak peek at what your in for here at shopstyleconquer.onsugar.comfor more about me check out the "all about Ellen" page.xoxo
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