Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, are gauged by what you have to do

 “After all to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
“It is a curious thing, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. 
Those who have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.”
 “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
- Albus Dumbledore

If you know me or pay attention to some of the things I write about in my blog posts, you might have noticed I'm a bit of a geek.
So today I thought I'd share a bit more of that with you in the form of my Harry Potter love.
I remember when the books first came out, before they were popular, and I was given HP & The Philosophers Stone as a gift. 
I can vividly remember opening that present and thinking, even though I loved/love to read, that it was a boring gift,
why would I want to read this weird book.
Obviously I ended up reading it, and like millions of people all over the world enamored with this world J. K. Rowling had created. 
This enjoyment series of incredible books, and eventually movies, has spanned over half my life so far, 
and I think they're something I'll continue to revisit and love.

Todays post includes more quotes than normal simply because they were all so good I couldn't pick one!
But then there's also the fashion element, and that is the reveal of my time turner necklace.
I've been wanting one of these for such a long time, when I recieved it as a gift on my birthday I was surprised I was so surprised.
This one is a replica from the movie series, most memorably from the third book/movie 
where Hermione uses it to go back in time and take extra classes.
By the time the Prisoner of Azkaban movie came out I was already in love with the idea of a time turner,
and when I saw it I decided I wanted one, only to find out years later you could buy them!

Time turner necklace from WB here

It comes with a display case, and they're not actually meant to be worn (according to the site), but who could leave it in the case?
For now I'm just going to carefully wear it with pride as my badge of geek status, 
maybe one day it will help me out when I working on a last minute assignment?

Anyways, thats the end of my geek spaz post, if you managed to make it this far :) haha.



  1. That necklace is amazing and so unique. Great find!

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out my latest outfit post.

  2. oooooooooh i was (am) such a harry potter freak ! so I'm glad i see another fan ! :D

  3. amazing accessory~ HP or not it is stunning~

    Inside and Outside Blog

  4. You definitely are a geek, and I love it since I'm one too! ;)
    Haha, Harry Potter is one of the best series ever in my opinion. Now I want a time turner necklace too - that is just so cute!

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    Trendy Teal

  5. yeah , i was fanatic harry poter's fan o:
    love your necklace , is so gorgeous **

  6. You always put the most fantastic quotes at the beginning of your posts! I just love the word inspiration :) And this necklace is amazing too, really unique.

    <3 Cambria

  7. Awesome necklace, I want one thou.
    Christy Lam

  8. You always have original accessories that I love :D

  9. Huge fan of your time turner necklace.

  10. oh this necklace is stunning !
    Love it,

    Wanna follow each other on facebook and GFC ?



    Elegantesque Blog

  11. Wowww this necklace seems to pop out from Harry Potter's world!! I love it!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  12. Great post! Nice time turner style necklace!
    Thank's for commenting...
    Following you now.. ;)
    Hope you'll Follow back. Thank's A lot!

    Kisses from VV!!

  13. I trully am in love with harry potter! I don't know how to explain it but I adore harry potter movies and books and everyting that has to do with harry potter! I follow you now if you want to follow me back visit my blog

  14. wow this is so beautiful. i wish i had same <3

  15. Omg, this is amazing!!
    I want it too!

  16. That is the cutest and coolest necklace ever! And I am such a Harry Potter fan! Awesome!!

  17. haha i think like 90 percent of the plant are hp geeks!! i can't believe this necklace, so jealous!


  18. Beautiful necklace, how cool that they male replicas for people to wear! Will really personalise your outfits :)

  19. i watched the very first harry potter movie, but haven't read the books. my sister, on the other hand, read all the books. i would like to read them at some point! the necklace is really pretty...too pretty to keep locked in the box!

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  20. I'm so in love with your blog!
    I'm your new follower for sure :)!

  21. What a great necklace, i am so into strange things as accessories!!!Totally adore!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  22. thanks for visitng my blog and leaving a comment! love ur blog!

  23. Hello! I like your blog, im following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, if you like my blog, follow me back please! XoXo

  24. I love your blog! This necklace is so cute!--Allison

  25. Lovely necklace!

    E from Helsinki

  26. I'm loving this! how fun harry potter is the best!

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  27. wow, a time turner!!! i'm so jealous right now.
    it's nice to know that the harry potter spirit is still well and alive, though.

  28. I love the neckless


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