Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Less shopping and web-surfing, more saving and study

 "The day, water, sun, moon, night - I do not have to purchase these things with money."

 - Plautus 

Though there are many beautiful sights around my home country of New Zealand that are beautiful and free; for example, 
the amazing views of Mt Ruapehu around the Central Plateau our family was enjoying just over a week ago. However 
many things aren't free. Like my fashion addiction. Recently I have been loving the many Kenzo inspired tiger prints tops
 around, and I kept sending Ellen links. But last week she sent a glassons one that was on sale, I sensed a winner and 
the next day it appeared on my doorstep yay. Since then there have been some more cheeky glassons purchases by 
Ellen and I which should arrive soon #addicts

wet-look leggings, tiger top, studded bag - Glassons
hunger games parachute necklace - Amazon
beanie - my own pattern adapted from x
nail polish - Butter 'Tea with the Queen'
lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss 107
lace-up boots - Andrea Biani
cardigan - Valley Girl
ring - Karen Walker
Lego watch - Asos

After having given my nails a little break over the holidays from polish (after the mission of getting off the liquid sand
 polish I had on), I decided to ease back into it with my neutral favourite from Butter: Tea with the Queen. I've been 
neglecting my Butters a bit lately since discovering the OPI liquid sands, but I think it's time to start cycling them again.

Since starting the new semester at uni, Ellen and I have found our schedules to be clashing to the extreme in terms 
of photo taking opportunities. We managed to snap these quickly one afternoon while doing errands, and are having 
to get much more organised with our time planning eek! 

It's also been a bit tough getting back into actual hard work after such a relaxed first semester this year. It was 
struggle to get back into the laboratory swing of things today after not doing one in so long. I couldn't even do 
basic math/chemistry/biology easily. But I really enjoyed the other lab on the differences between Agouti mice and 
wild type (amazing how much fat they can hold!!). Next up lab report writing, but creating a blog post was the
 writing of choice this evening since it is a lot more fun haha

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The girl with the Rubiks cube bag

"The mail man knows you are always out waiting for him to come"
- Unkown

The mail man is usually my best friend. Between my sister and I, there is a constant flow of exciting deliveries
 in the mail box; the mail man always being the bringer of good things. The man who usually brings me 
so many bundles of joy had yet to disappoint, until the other week that is. When my package from 'Jolly Chic' 
I was so excited to get my hands on this Rubik's cube style handbag, but alas, my best friend the mail man 
finally let me down. The bag had appeared to have suffered some fatal injuries after being squashed and squeezed
 on it's journey to New Zealand. However after some time in intensive bag-care, it has made a full recovery,
 its bottom now sealed and the dents pushed out. Yay! Although after this experience, I dont trust that mail man ;)

(yes... i like to pose with my handbags *wink*)
Skirt : Thrifted
Shoes : yesstyle
Glasses c/o 'Chicnova'
Bag c/o 'Jolly Chic' 

How's your mail man? doing any better than ours?

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inspiration NYFW: Karen Walker winter accessories

"I’m the polished girl next door with a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget."

I'm going to freely admit I have a tendency to become obsessed with things, and when it comes to fashion it often 
results in an idea in my head of, for example, the perfect beanie. I'll think about how I want it to look and trawl through
 physical and online stores looking for the one that fits my idea. More often than not I am left disapointed, either due
 to the fact I can't afford what I want or I simply cannot find it anywhere. A couple of years ago I knitted a chunky scarf
 as a result of this problem and loved it so bought some extra wool with the idea I could make a hat from it. After much
 time passed. I started to fall in love with a beanie idea; rib, cable and pompoms all stemming from photos I had
 seen of the youtuber Zoella and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix in their cozy stylishness. After much searching I gave
 up and found a pattern online to knit one. Two weeks later I now have two new beanies, knitted ones for my mother
 and sister, and bought some wool for another. oops #obsessed

I dont often wear the matching hat and scarf together but I was looking through the NYFW photos a while back and spotted
 this look in the Karen Walker show. Looked kinda familiar and inspired me to style an outfit inspired by the look;
 matching hat and scarf, sunglasses, socks and booties, pinky orange tones, polka dots. But the twist to this being 
its the student budget friendly version consisting of things I already own (a lot of which were on sale at the time!)

scarf - hand knitted  (pattern here)
beanie - hand knitted (pattern here + added pompom)
cardigan - given to me by my Auntie :)
sunglasses - ONCEIT
dress - glassons
aggie boots - Asos

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Saturday, July 20, 2013


"Fashion is made to become unfashionable"
- Coco Chanel

I love how one simple photo can tell a whole story. How it can capture a perfect moment 
in time and preserve it forever. Thats what I really love about photography! And I just love 
how instagram makes it all so easy to store your little snapshots and share them! Here are
afew of mine from the past few months, hope you enjoy!

1. Sitting by the fireplace showing off my ball shoes!
2. Going crazy for neon
3. All that bubble wrap for one necklace
4. A snap from a day of outfit shooting
5. Excited to try my new penny!

6. And this would have to be my favourite instagram shot, a little peak at my beautiful corsage my
boo got me for ball and our cute photobooth photos! (stay tuned for more ball photos!)

follow me at @shopstyleconquer

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


"A dream collage is pictures of your goals. It is like your future photo album."
- Bo Bennett 

I've seen other bloggers doing collages of some of their instagram photos so I thought we could join in on the fun and
 share some of our favourite photos of the instagram variety. Ellen and I are quite the lovers of instagram, just 
this week i cannot count the times I heard the phrase
 "you should instagram that".
 Though its a platform that I treat sort of as a photo diary and don't care as much about quality, seeing some of the
 amazing instagrams out there have motivated me to keep trying to improve mine with better composition etc.
1. new penny boards!! 2. selfie time 3. the lastest problematic sewing project 4. boohoo comic leggings
5. favourite Kate Moss lippy and cosy scarf 6. the best mint choc ice cream
7. coffee and the cool stylekeepers floral blazer 8. comfy lounge pants

So if you aren't already on instagram, you should be! Its lots of fun and it's nice to look back on what you or your freinds have been
 up to. If you want to find me on instagram I'm at: @tardaeda :)

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Sunday, July 14, 2013


"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door, find the door"
- Coco Chanel

So as Tara mentioned in the last post, I had a wee bit of a collision with the opposition in my hockey game 
this week where I knocked a girl out with my face. Yes, she lay knocked out cold while I tried to figure
 out if the amount of blood coming out of my nose meant it was broken. Woops ;)
Luckily, I escaped the little incident with my nose still straight and so far only a little bruising under 
my eyes. I also took a nose dive to the turf resulting in some grazing... I little too much face action 4 days 
before my senior ball I think!

It won't stop me blogging though! I had these photos sitting on my computer from last weekend when 
I went to the botanic gardens with my mum to work on my school photography assignment. I 
bought heels and sunnies to make the outfit that bit more blogable and interesting for you guys, but 
found myself too excited when I saw this little bridge and promptly forgot; so chucks it is!

Dress : Atrium on Elliot
Cardigan : Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes : Chuck Taylor
Necklace c/o

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Friday, July 12, 2013

What to wear to the movies: Man of Steel

"A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet."

- Orson Welles 

Ellen was supposed to write today's post, but due to an unfortunate incident at her hockey game (where she tried to 
break her nose by knocking out a member of the opposition) she has not feeling up to it. Luckily we had talked a little
 bit about what was to accompany these photos so hopefully I'll be able to fill in to her standards.

This past week Ellen and I (along with our father) went on a trip to the cinema and although we spend the majority
 of the outing sitting in a dark room (gazing at Henry Cavill *sigh*) we decided we wanted to dress up a little bit. Since
 it was a superman movie to keep with the theme, I grabbed my comic print tights and Ellen borrowed (coughcough 
stole) Dad's superman tshirt. Then with our ingri:dahl 3D glasses we didn't have to wear the awkward glasses and
 we were ready for the movie. Due to the struggles we've been having with weather, after the movie we decided to try
 something a bit different and take some night photos with the skytower in the background. The shots didn't end up
 as clear as we would have liked but considering how little light we were working with we thought they turned out
 pretty cool.

jumper - Valley Girl
 tshirt - thrifted 
boots - Number 1 shoes
leggings - boohoo
bag - glassons
necklace c/o jollychic
beanie - pattern here

boots - garage
moto leggings - glassons

3d glasses c/o ingri:dahl

So for your next trip to the movies some of our essentias are
1. Comfy pants/leggings (for sitting through long movies like MoS)
2. a jacket/jumper (in case you get cold) 
3. baggy/loose tshirt (so you can cuddle up in your seat)
4. ingri:dahl 3d glasses (okay not an essential for everyone, but they
 fit much better and since getting them I haven't had the migraine problems 
I used to get from 3D movies)

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It is pattern that makes a trend, or how they are sewn?

"Do not look at stars as bright spots only. Try to take in the vastness of the universe."

Maria Mitchell 

Spots seem to be coming in as a trendy pattern at the moment, with Karen Walkers current collection including a spot
 of polka dots, & many other stores online and offline. Although in my opinion polka dots are kind of always in (they are
 a classic pattern and, like stripes, and cant really be unfashionable), however the way a garment is designed can be a 
little more temporary. I've seen many forms of the cross-over pointed skirt/skort around the internet (I've seen so many I'm 
not even sure which place made them originally) and liked them from the beginningHowever I hadn't managed to find
 one that fit my price range and fit requirements that we could get sent to New Zealand, so I had to get a bit creative. After 
spotting this spotty fabric I decided to combine the two trends into one piece and in a project runway style mad dash
 attempted to whip up this skirt in time for my friends 21st (only 4 hours away from when I started eek). Luckily fate was 
looking kindly upon me and it actually came together with no problems, woo!

lipstick - MAC 'Dear Diary'
necklace c/o jollychic
watch - May 28th
bracelet - pandora
skirt - made by me
top - glassons

Unfortunately due to bad timing and bad weather this past week I didn't manage to get home at the right time for Ellen to 
take photos of this, so I attempted (with a degree of success) to take self timed photos. Well, what a mission! It was a struggle 
to get the angles I wanted, especially in focus. However given how much I love this new skirt I figured I be able to get more 
photos to share soon enough, till then these will have to do :)

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Friday, July 5, 2013

French food to match your outfit

“Paris is always a good idea”
-Audrey Hepburn

I love it when my food matches my outfit!
Last weekend I had girls day with my friend and after a long afternoon shopping we heading to my favourite little 
French cafe. It's a wee bit of a hike from the main road of shops and the mall, but their killer hot chocolates
 and adorable macarons make the journey worth it! In the past couple of weeks I have already made two 
visits trying their authentic French yummy sweets and can confirm their mini quiches are worth every penny.
 So if your from Auckland make sure to pay a visit to "C'est fromage" and practice up on your French ;)

I included just a few snaps of my outfit working my 'Barney' pants and my "Style Keepers" blazer. Tara 
and I usually love to use the beautiful native bush in our country as our photo shoot backdrops but I just 
couldn't resit this cool brick wall and barbed wire fence bringing such a cool texture to the photos.

Blazer c/o "Style Keepers"
Pants : Thrifted
Boots c/o yes style

I think it's past my bedtime now (sorry mummy!), so have a great weekend everyone!

P.S dont forget about our Le Specs sunglasses giveaway below!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do it for you...

"no one else is going to do it for you, if you want it bad enough then go out and do it yourself"
- Ed Sheeran

For a long time I've been in love with patterned leggings, probably a residual love from the many I had in the 90s. 
Even back then I loved the many busy patterns, so when I saw comic inspired patterns around I really wanted to 
get some. But for a long time I had been holding onto the idea that "only skinny people can wear things like that". 
Even the concept of flattering clothing projects the idea that there is one ideal shape and size that everyone should
 either achieve or trick the eye into thinking we achieve. However, people aren't built in a one-size-fits all mould, 
and when I think about these notions perpetuated by media/society it kind of frustrates me. I saw these leggings 
on sale and decided to buy them not only because I like them, but also as symbol as redefining fashion for 
myself. Making it less about fitting into the "ideal" I'd constructed by listening to others opinions over the years,
 and instead choosing to dress based on what I like, what inspires/excites me, and accentuating the parts of
 my body I like. 

I've been wearing variations of this outfit a lot since my break started. For lounging on the couch it has ugg boots 
and a baggy jumper, and when I need to leave the house adding a tidier jumper and some stylier shoes, then I'm 
ready to go.

fox necklace - Eclectic Eccentricity
hunger games necklace - Amazon
lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss 107
jumper - Atrium on Elliot
leggings - boohoo
boots - garage
clutch - Asos

I really do love these leggings so I am glad I stopped listening to the little voice in my head and just went for it. 
This was just a snippet of my thoughts on the mental side of my fashion journey, so hopefully it makes some sense. 

P.S the quote came from this video with Ed Sheeran I watched yesterday. Worth a watch if you've got a few minutes.

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