Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hashtag Dad logic

“Remember people you may not be plastic...but you are fantastic! never forget that” 

-Louis Tomlinson 

When my dad first saw this bag after it's arrival in the mail, he nodded in approval. "Of course," he said "So anyone who 
wants to rob you can check out what you have in your bag first and see if you have anything worth stealing". #dadlogic.
My dad, I think, can be quite a trendy guy. But the craziest thing in his wardrobe is probably his sweater vest; he is 
pretty stylin', but he saves the outrageous for costume parties. There are just some things a man 
will never understand. 

Skort c/o
Top : General Issue
Shoes : Rubi Shoes
Bag c/o
Necklace : gifted

I hope some of you guys noticed my sneaky quote and who said it ;)

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crazy cat lady

"Fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion."

- Coco Chanel

I'm actually allergic to cats (fun fact!), but that doesnt stop me loving them! We don't own any of our own, but I have
 mastered the art of 'borrowing' the cats from surrounding neighbours. This method works quite well really, I get 
to enjoy a short dosage of cuteness and cuddles, then have them wander off before the sneezing gets too out
 of control. They just so cuhute, I can't help myself!

Tara and I received a gift voucher from the lovely people at 'Chicnova' and ended up having a sort of cat themed
shopping spree. This adorable cat face watch just makes me smile! and I love the bold statement cat-eye glasses. 
Yes, me cat crazy ;)

oh, hae, selfie time ;)

Glasses and watch c/o

I had been eyeing up the cat watch on asos for a few weeks, but this one is a steal for only around $16!
oh you know you all want it ;)

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cross my heart: statement sunglasses

"Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye"

Ellen and I seem to be quickly accumulating a large collection of sunglasses. Since sunglasses aren’t super expensive
 and there’s such a range of them around, we always seem to be drawn to exciting and different frames and often end up
 bookmarking many pairs in our online browsing adventures. This particular pair was a style Ellen had seen photos of on
 tumblr and loved, so when she found them on Choies she was pretty excited to add them to our growing collection of specs.

We tried taking some quick photos of this outfit before I headed off to work on Saturday but there was something off about 
the lighting/my expressions so Ellen reshot them yesterday between school and hockey #busygirl. 
The weather is being so random at the moment in Auckland (typical Auckland weather), one minute it's sunshine, and 
sunglasses are a must, next second it will be pouring down with rain! When trying to take these photos we were getting
 rained on at first then blinded by gorgeous sunshine as you can see in the latter photos. 

sovereign holder necklace – antique

lipstick – MAC ‘Dear Diary’

shoes – number 1 shoes

sunglasses c/o Choies

dress – glassons

I remember learning this phrase in primary school and spouting it off to friends for various reasons (when I read it on 
sunglasses the I can hear my little kid voice saying it), so it’s kinda cool having this piece of childhood converted into 
a statement accessory, good spotting Ellen!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Straight from the mail to the blog

"A zebra does not change its spots." 
- Al Gore 

Within the 24 hours since receiving this Choies dress in the mail, I have managed to style, photograph, edit and blog it 
in all its beauty! The moment I unpackaged it I fell in love completely. Although it's one of our many pieces to add to 
the 'shared sister wardrobe', I've quickly made a home for it in my wardrobe, sorry Tara! It's gorgeous colour and 
charming lady-like shape definitely has me wooed. I couldn't wait to share it with you guys so I popped out of 
bed bright and early before Tara toddled off to work to photograph it. I decided to keep my styling simple so not to 
draw the attention away from the lovely falling pleats and lace details. With my Forever New peep-toe booties and 
my vintage Passionata pearls, my sleepy face was awoken with a smile and the urge to share the new beauty from 

Dress c/o Choies
Shoes and rings : Forever New
Pearls : Passionata

The only issue with having uber long legs is that gorgeous dresses like this one are little on the short side for Tara and I ;)
Not sure if I will be quite brave enough to face public bare legged in this dress, but perhaps Tara might be able to add 
a little length with the help of her trusty sewing machine.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

New In: Karen Walker birthday splurge

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"
- C. S. Lewis

Just a short post today snapped in a lush corner of the garden and featuring the latest addition to my (this one 
aint being shared Ellen! lol) ever growing accessory collection. I have had my eye on this gem since I saw it in the cool 
new Karen Walker boutique that went into Smith and Caugheys a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately for me this was 
more day dreaming about the possible future when I could afford it #studentpains. Luckily though not soon after it was
 my birthday (22 ooh ooh), which came with it some money from my Gran and some S+C vouchers from my aunty, and 
well it's kind of obvious what happened...

wreath ring - Karen Walker (from Smith & Caugheys)
nail polish - Butter 'Trout Pout"
bow ring - Purity

So basically I wanted to dedicate a little post just so you could see the detail on this new addition to the ring family. 
Plus how cute is the packaging, I couldn't not share! Now onto the next fashion related dream/goal!
This week I managed to achieve a pretty much constant academic goal of mine and didn't procrastinate as much as
 usual (shocking I know). There's still more assignment writing to be done but it's looking like I might not have to do 
any late nights this cycle which is a super positive in my eyes, yay!

Hope your week is going well! :) 

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sewing Creations: Polka dot peplum top

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
-Mahatma Gandhi

I have been learning to sew for quite a few years (there's always more to learn so I'm going to say I'm still learning), 
and I've been creating many things with varying success. Though my Mum is a dedicated pattern follower and suggested 
I do the same, there has always been a part of me that loved designing or adapting my own patterns because I 
was often not content with the patterns I found. When I was younger this often lead to frustration, getting upset and 
unwearable garmets, but I have eventually learnt how to (mostly) reach a wearable end result. 

After making the pattern for my senior ball dress, our lovely neighbour Mavis, who worked as a pattern maker for 
many years, gave me a pattern block and some books on pattern design so that I could better understand the 
creation of my own patterns. Mavis would often leave flowers or fruit/vegetables on our doorstep from her amazing 
garden, and always liked to hear what we were up to (whether school or sewing).  She recently passed away and
 I felt like this post would be well timed in memory of all that she had done for our family.

peplum top - made by me
shoes - Number 1 shoes
bracelet - pandora
jeans - gmarket
belt - portmans

Many problems arose during the creation of this top, after my last two projects had gone so well it was time for one 
full of challenges. Eventually I got it finished, and in time to wear to the engagement party of my friend that told 
me "don't you dare buy that" when she saw the fabric at the store with me. She did admit after seeing the end 
result that it looked pretty cool, and the other times I've worn it I've had many a comment on the brightness; 
"It will be easy for customers to spot you", "hold on I need to get my sunglasses" were just a few haha! 

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getting ready with me: Senior Ball/Prom 2013

"I think the prom is very serious also. It's an American ritual, it's a rite of passage, and it's very much a part of this country."
- Mary Ellen Mark 

Your last year of high school can be a stressful time. But it can also be a time of rewarding memories. Last month I let my assignments, university applications and deadlines slip from my mind and all focus was turned to my senior ball. Saying I was excited is probably an understatement. What can I say? I'm the kind of girl who loves an excuse to dress up and spend a whole night with friends.The night definitely had its magical moments, but in my eyes, the preparation and big lead up to the day was my favourite part of the whole experience. My amazingly talented mother made my ball dress all at home with our trusty  family sewing machine. After countless trips to fabric stores all round Auckland, we finally found a pattern to my liking. From a pile of eighteen meters of tulleshe created this magnificent piece of art! Now you can see where Tara gets her sewing talents from ;)

Tara and I have always wanted to branch out into making videos for the blog. My senior ball seemed like the perfect opportunity to make that step. We wanted to take you guys along on the whole journey of the day and show you all the elements of my ball look. A video seemed like the best way to document it all, so Tara gained a new role as my personal camera woman for the day. 

The details:

Makeup - $45 @ The Body Shop
Hair - Done by me, with the help of Youtube, and the coolest sister in the world
Dress - made by my mother costing just under $100 for pattern and fabric etc
Fur jacket - Great Grandmothers (Dont worry, its a fake one!)
Earrings - Grandmothers (worn by my sister for her senior ball too!)
Bracelet - Mother's, gift to her by my Auntie
Nail Polish - OPI  Liquid Sand, Magazine Cover Mouse (Minnie Mouse Collection)
Shoes - Novo Shoes, on sale for $25 down from $65

We hope you enjoy our video, Tara stayed up way  too late for many nights editing it all (silly!). We are pretty pleased with how it turned out, so thumbs up the video if you like it :)

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Angel Wing Cut-out Top : Fly Away

"The man who has no imagination has no wings."

-Muhammad Ali  

Every once in a while we all wish we could escape the world and fly away. Spread our wings and soar off to a land of dreams
 and relaxation. I took a moment the other day after school to 'wing up' and have some fun taking outfit photos. I'm always 
excited when a new season rolls around and I have the opportunity to expand my ever growing wardrobe. Recently, our online
 purchases have begun to build up, as Tara and I have been busy with school and uni. So we set aside a special afternoon 
making an effort to hit the pause button on life and enjoy snapping some shots to show off the latest new additions to the 
SSC wardrobe. 

The idea behind this outfit was how to wear black on black. I'm always hesitant when trying to style a 'blackout' look, it can so 
easily turn out dull. My key tips are to use texture (such as my lace shorts) and interesting shapes (my cut out winged top). 
To finish the look I added red lipstick and cut out boots to compliment the tee. So despite the all black theme to my outfit,
 I really love how it turned out; not dull at all!

Angel wing top c/o Chicnova
Lace shorts - General Issue
Boots - Glassons

I've been tempted to try a cut out angel wing DIY top for a while now, but when Tara and I found one on Chicnova, we couldn't
 resist its charm! Were thinking we might use it as a template to make more in a similar style, 
its adds such flare to an outfit!

 P.S from Tara: this angel winged look was the part of the original concepts for my  DIY cutout tshirt
I ended up going with a different idea (a more rib cage look since I couldn't figure out the exact 
design to fit my angel wing dreams). But yay now I have the tshirt I always wanted haha #loveit
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