Sunday, September 29, 2013

10 Spring essentials/favourites + NZ Giveaway!

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."
- Pablo Neruda 

For a while there it was hard to remember that the changing seasons in New Zealand were actually changing into 
spring. Especially with our favourite youtubers like Bethany (macbarbie07) doing lots of awesome fall/autumn 
themed videos! So to get ourselves (and our fellow southern hemisphere readers) back into spring we decided 
to do a little photo + video combo of our favourite things for spring :)

1. Converse high-tops
The reasoning behind this choice is that although we love a good pair of boots, they don't really fit into spring/summer 
outfits and some chucks are a easy way to wean yourself off the winter shoe staple (while still being able to wear
some warm socks and protect from puddles!)

2. A Bustier 
Warmer weather is a great time to break out the cropped tops again. Remember to keep it classy and avoid a
 "forgot my shirt" situation my pairing it with something high waisted; chic and flattering!

3. Light weight scarves
So even though its spring and we get visions of outfits with cute dress etc, it's still pretty cold and light scarves 
are a great way to warm up an outfit on the cooler days. Plus there are so many out there you can get cool 
bright colours in your favourite pattern!

4. Light weight jumpers
Beat the cool spring breeze with a super cute jumper, we are especially loving the pastel ones out at the moment! 
This way if you want to get out those pasty (at least in our case) legs you can still keep warm :)

5. Umbrella
The weather in Auckland has a tendency to be changing all throughout the day so an umbrella is something 
you need to carry around at all times! Gotta be ready for those sudden spring showers!

6. Sunglasses: cross my heart from choies
Even though it's likely to rain, you are just as likely to be blinded by bright sunshine (it's what gets all the pretty 
springtime flowers growing so it does happen haha). But if you remember a great pair of sunnies squinting
 be banished!

7. Nail polish: OPI liquid sand (in 'solitaire') and Rimmel salon pro (in 'hip hop')
So we've already done a post on the Rimmel nail polishes and why we love them (here), but we also wanted to 

include the liquid sands as we love these too and couldn't choose! These colours we thought would be great 
for spring as they are lighter and brighter and that's what we think spring fashion is all about, and they'll look
 great with the all white outfits that are trending for this season!

Even though it's spring and it's typical to wear a lot of white, as kiwis we are still suckers for black so one way 
to work with it is by adding a bright belt for a pop of spring colour!

9. Jellies!
It got too cold to wear jellies before we managed to jump on that trend, but now winters passed it's a great
 time to get in on that childhood nostalgia fest that is the jellie. Plus there are so many to choose from you'll 
definitely be able to find a colour and style to suit your wardrobe!

So this is a little less fashion related but we are loving our penny boards and wanted to share! Although we
 are still not ace penny boarders we are practising and making progress haha! 

And we made a video about it all too! (though we went on tangents so often while filming I was surprised there
 was the right points to edit together lol). So check that out, especially if you're from New Zealand cause we
 announce a small giveaway we've decided to do (with our own money) since giveaways often exclude
 our little country!



  1. Love the jelly sandals! Definitely my go-to piece when hitting the beach! x

  2. This is such a rad giveaway! My Spring essentials are pastel nail polishes & bright pink lips. I feel like they don't look 'right' in Winter so the minute spring comes around I bring them back out of hiding.

    S xo

  3. You two are adorable :) haha, love the video! Great editing and selection of your spring pieces. Have fun! I'm bracing myself for winter in the States :P

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. i love the shoes and the flowers in the first pic...

  5. You guys are too cute! I wish it was spring here!

  6. love how worn those converses are! yay for spring :D


  7. Great pictures, I'm so jealous ye're going into spring ha! Love the video too

  8. So many great spring items! I really like the blue converse, I only have a boring black pair and a white pair. I think a coloured pair should be next on my list! :)

    Away From The Blue

  9. Love your sunnies
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  10. great post!!!

  11. Love all of your choices, they definitely sum Spring up! My essential item would have to be the classic floral dress because you can mix it up with any of the items you've just shown! And nothing beats a classic white jelly shoe :)

  12. Love love love this post! I'll have to remember for next year spring :) The floral bustier is so cute and so are the penny boards.

  13. Oh my god, those sun glasses are amazing, I'm always a freezer so I'm stocking up on some jumpers for our autumn

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  14. Love the Converse
    and the floral blouse... Spring Perfect.

  15. Love the whole post! Especially cause i'm giving away jelly shoes :P
    Followed you on bloglovin and gfc, follow me back?
    I'm having a giveaway check it out if you are interested :)

    xoxo Jenny

  16. I love this entry! It's killing me a little bit, though, because winter is headed my way in NYC :X haha enjoy the lovely weather to come!
    & give me those sunglasses!! ;)
    xx Corinne
    Cat Eyes & Thigh Highs

  17. Oh these sweet little things! :)
    catch my recent post too on Smize with Style

  18. Rad sunnies, bright colors and crop tops... Sounds perfect for spring!


  19. amazing post!
    I really love your blog! Following u dear<3
    Keep in touch!

  20. Aww, yay for spring! It's turning fall up here in the States. :) Lovely post!


  21. obsessed with the sunglasses!

  22. oh so many cute things.. I love the bralet and the glasses =)

  23. Spring is definitely a season I hold close to my heart! :)
    You chose some really great things & love those sun jellies! :)

  24. Loving that bustier, the fun sunnies and those jellies! Yay for jellies!!

  25. lovely items and u guys are pretty!

  26. So true, great choices. I'm pretty excited about spring and the warmer weather


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