Wednesday, October 9, 2013

is it predictable to wear the same clothes all the time? or a sign of a good purchase?

"Once you become predictable, no one's interested anymore."
- Chet Atkins 

There are a lot of outfits I wear that don't make it to the blog. Sometimes because they're comfy and boring, sometimes I'm not 100% happy with the final look, sometimes there just wasn't a moment to take photos, but a large amount of the time it's because when I get a clothing item (or beauty) that I love I just wear it all the time and that would be a pretty boring blog. If I asked Ellen to go into my wardrobe and grab things for my super predictable outfit at the moment this outfit would be the result. The vest and heart print shirt are recent additions but the rest I've worn so many times, there have been countless outfits I've considered bloggable that Ellen has vetoed because it was too repetitive. I always want to try new combinations of things but I always find myself slipping into my go-to pieces (especially when going on holiday!)

hunger games necklace - Amazon
boots - Andrea Biani
shirt, vest - Choies
leggings - Glassons
beanie - DIY here

These photos were taken in the little town of Raetihi while we were down at Mt Ruapehu for the last dash of spring skiing. I bused down in the middle of the night, since the rest of my family went ahead of me, and that was actually the first time I wore this outfit (bus chic?). When I was waiting in the queue for a cheeky sausage roll during one of the bus breaks, I noticed that Fletcher Mills from Xfactor NZ was standing next to me  (and of course I was too shy to say Hi). Then today I was at uni back in Auckland and I saw him again walking past! I of course then looked up his twitter (being slightly mistrusting of my eyesight) and read that he had also been down at Mt Ruapehu when I was; following me much lol? If only that were true, and I could figure out a way to make that work with Harry Styles when he gets to Auckland this week haha!!
(Just quitely, I'm pretty excited to be going to the 1D concert, even if our seats are almost the furthest from the stage you can get!)



  1. Great photos! The heart long sleeve shirt i love!

    Anna Czarina

  2. Lovely look for Fall time weather!


  3. omg such amazing pictures! Love everything in this outfit!
    Oh and if you dont mind answering, what camera do you use? I use a canon eos 1100d but sometimes when uploading them to blogger they reduce my quality :/ does that happen to you too? Ah I just dn't know whaat to do :/ Oh and I use photoshop so...

    1. Hi Mariana :), we use a Canon 650D but resize all our photos in photoshop to the right size (normally ~650pixels) before uploading them to blogger and setting them as 'original size', that way we have a consistent size and the photos aren't scaled (which can affect the quality if they get stretched). Hope that helps! - Tara x

  4. Great combo! Those leggings are so rad <3 I hear you about wearing the same things over and over. I certainly have a select few garments that I consistently reach for to the exclusion of..well..seemingly everything else at my disposal. Hehe. I think it IS a sign of a good purchase. We should wear what makes us happy, right? If it happens to be a scarf or a pair of socks or a jacket, then so be it. Wear it out with love. :D

    - Anna

  5. I really do love this cute print blouse and how it's working for you in the cold weather!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I absolutely understand what you mean!:D I have a lot of pieces that I wear the same things over and over especially when it comes to my bag. But you know, it's your blog! Post what you want to, even though they're similar, the color palette may be different or they give a different vibe and you could inspire people:D AHAHA, those beanies look lovely on you:D This whole outfit is just brilliant:)

    ♥ Charms |my ∞ fashion confession


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