Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY: colourful makeup brush organiser jars!

“Tris: Let me get this straight. So you left the Dauntless compound to get ready for war...
and took your makeup bag with you?

Christina: Yep. Figured it would be harder for anyone to shoot me if they saw how
 devastatingly attractive I was.” 
― Veronica Roth, Insurgent

Since I started my retail job near four years ago (time has flown!) I have gradually built up my makeup collection and knowledge (mostly thanks to youtube tutorials that I can trace the start of my youtube/tumblr addictions to) has grown quite a lot from the high school days of mascara, pencil eyeliner and chapstick. In this time I have learned to appreciate how brushes can be used to create (or attempt) the various makeup looks I like. This year my brush collection jumped in size when I added in two packs of Real Techniques brushes. The mug that previously held them was looking overly full, and I recently I read about it being better to store them so the bristles aren't intermingling. They suggested rice or sand in a vase, but I thought it would be super cool to try it in cute jars with colourful gravel! I even managed to get Ellen in on the idea for her little newly formed family of brushes (she went for the pretty pink gravel).

(all from looksharp)
gravel - $2-4/jar
jars - $3-4

So it's basically the easiest DIY in the world: buy container, pour gravel in container, stick brushes in gravel, done! The hardest part will be choosing a jar/container and a gravel colour! But as an extra pro-tip; you do need to pick a relatively fine gravel (~3-4mm) if you have wide brush handles (or flat bottomed realtechniques ones) since they can be quite hard to push back in if its too coarse. This is the reason mine are two toned, as I found during beta-testing that the dark green gravel was too big!

I kind of think of makeup as a sort of war paint, so I thought the divergent quote fit quite well; organising your war paint applicators is essential if you need to run off to battle (or exams haha).

We also drew the winner of the our spring essentials giveaway:
It was Morgan from the NZ beauty blog Hyacinth Girl
who's spring essential was "bare legs" 
Congratulations Morgan :)!



  1. Creative ♥ and I never realised you were a fan of Divergent too! *hi5*

    Stop Motion words

  2. it looks so good...especially the ones with the layered colors. thank you for the idea!

  3. i use small beads instead of gravel.. but maybe i should look into using gravel. i love the ombre effect it created with this diy post. :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. This is such a great inexpensive way to organize your makeup!

  5. i really love this DIY!!!!

  6. Love it . This looks so pretty!

  7. Wow, that looks so fun and easy to make! :) love it xxx

    Bloglovin' | Facebook

    P.S. You're been nominated for the Sunshine Award!

  8. What a good idea! And so excited about winning the giveaway!

    x Morgan
    Hyacinth Girl

  9. oh my goodness, this is cutest idea ever. Love it! I'm hosting a handbag giveaway on the blog today. If you get a sec, I'd love if you could enter. :) Thanks, love. xo

  10. This is so interesting and the Real Technique brushes <3

  11. So simple, but so pretty! :)



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