Monday, April 29, 2013

Polymer Clay DIY: Rough Stone Chunky Necklace

"What's really keeping you
here? from what you want?
from being where you want?
from being who you want?"

It was a while ago while watching gossip girl that I noticed the Susanna Galanis necklaces that 
Serena and Charlie/Ivy wore in a few different episodes.
After falling in love however, I researched the necklaces only to find out they were well outside the student price range.
I then started the journey to make something similar of my own.
Shipping in pieces of semi-precious stone was also going to be outside my budget so I mixed multiple 
polymer clay tutorials to create stone beads of my own.
I was really pleased with how they turned out, and in the end I've created multiple necklaces
that were not only within my budget, but are lighter than originals and a little more unique.

So today's post is to share the DIY process so that you could make your own cute rough stone necklace if you wish to try it out.

You will need:
- polymer clay 
(2 packets for ~14 8x2xcm beads)
- paint (for veining)
- tooth pick
- chain
- jump rings and wire
- lobster clasp
- needle nose pliers
- sea/rock salt
-sand paper


1. Soften and mix clay together
using multiple (I used 2) different coloured polymer clays gives the stone a more interesting texture to the main colour rather than 
having it all one colour. I also found that if you can mix in at least one semi-transparent clay it looks much better too.

2. cut/mold into angular shapes
you can either cut it with scissors or a knife, this is to provide the groves for the paint to go into for the veining effect.

3. arrange and squash into shape 
this is when you choose the major shape for each bead. fit together the segments into which ever shape you wish.
A ruler is useful for squashing it together and flattening it out more (Covering it in gladwrap/clingfilm stops the clay sticking).

4. Push rock salt into clay - concentrating on sides
This creates the texture which the paint can go into to give it a more porous/dimpled appearance.
I made sure there was a lot of indents in the sides so it looked like slices of rough stones.

5. Remove salt and make holes with tooth pick
Its important to remember to add the holes in before baking because it can be too brittle to drill into.

6. Paint and bake according to clay instructions.
After baked paint any missed patches; making sure to get into the little grooves (for veiny look)

7. Sand off excess paint
This can be a little fiddly and take a while (especially if you weren't very tidy with the painting)
It looks better if you sand off any fingerprints you've made in the clay too.
During this step your stone bead piece is revealed with the veining a texture, and will start to look more realistic.

8. Join stones and chains using jump rings and wire.
9. Repeat until you have enough strands and they are long enough for your design.

10. Start arranging strands into the design you want
11. With the multi-strand look you can tuck some strands under each other

12. secure chains with jumprings and attach clasp at desired length
By connecting the chains together with the jumprings this prevents too much movement of the strands from their positions.

Here are some pictures of different ways you can use the DIY stone techniques:

So yeah, that's how I made these necklaces after some research and experimentation.
I was pretty stoked with how they turned out!

I'd love to see any pictures if you do give it a go, 
leave us a link below!!

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

MsDressy Review: Running through the Kauri with my new claret coloured love...

“Loneliness becomes a lover, solitude a darling sin.” 
― Ian FlemingThe Spy Who Loved Me

After the post about our last MsDressy dress we had quite a few questions.
Ellen and I have been happy with our MsDressy dresses.
Since they custom make them, as long as you take your measurements carefully they fit great.
Because they are made to order it means you do have to order your dress well before the date you need it.
As long as you are organised you will have a dream dress in the colour and style you choose, made to measure arrive at your doorstep.
We've both been happy with the quality too. The dress come immaculately lined, and this new
dress shows off the spot on pleating and sequin/lace detailing.

Today while taking the photos for this post I couldn't decide whether I felt like a princess escaping into the Kauri forest,
or like I should be attending an event with a dapper Bond like man by my side.
Both? Could I have both please?
At one point we even had this little girl stop and stare as her family continued with their walk,
maybe she thought I was the princess I sort of felt like.

nail polish - Solitaire by OPI (Bond girls collection)
dress in Claret - c/o Msdressy
shoes - RMK

I also just bought some of the new 'liquid sand' OPI nail polish in their Bond Girls collection called 'Solitaire'.
I'm kind of in love with it. This particular colour is white with a silver glitter detail,
and it actually looks like magical snow on my nails. I love snow, so this makes me smile ^.^
I really like the textured matte effect so I think I might have to buy it another colour this weekend ;)

*Update: is now moving to a new site,

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the neon trend

"They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway. They say there's always magic in the air"
- George Benson

When the neon trend first appeared in many of my favourite stores, I was unsure about the whole idea of it.
I mean personally, when someone 'says neon', my immediate thoughts fall upon the tragic outfits of the 80s.
Yes, the 80s had its high points in fashion history, but was it really time to bring about neon clothing again?
After months of pondering over the colours, I have finally found neon items leaking into my wardrobe, and i must say, I love it!
The first being this neon pink t-shirt from 'General Issue', who would say not to a top that pink?? And in the same outfit
today I even found myself sporting neon nails. So I think its fair to say I have been converted into a neon lover.


T-shirt : General Issue
Shorts, belt and necklace : Thrifted + Markerts
Shoes : Clarks 

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Walking tall...

"Walk like you have three men walking behind you" 
- Oscar de la renta

A few weeks ago I was in the Newmarket Catwalk on the Street Fashion Show.
The day consisted of four fashion shows; three street style and one designer selection show.
After a week of rehearsals and fittings I ended up modelling four outfits, 
'Mink Pink', 'Dotti', 'Andrea Moore' and 'Charlie Brown'.
Below are a few photos I found floating around the internet that I wanted to share with you guys!

Picture of me wearing: 1. Charlie brown, 2. Dotti, 3. Andrea Moore, 4, Makeup by SRA Academy

My favourite items that I got to model would have to be the leather Charlie Brown pants, and the bright orange 
Andrea Moore coat. Both items made such a statement and were awesome to wear, 
but it would take a fair bit of saving on my part to be able to buy them ;)

Comment below on what you guys think :D

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Friday, April 19, 2013


"And we'll never be royals (royals)It don't run in our bloodThat kind of lux just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz"

Lorde - 'Royals'

I've been on a bit of a music binge at the moment; spending up large on itunes :/ 
getting things that have been on my list for a while, plus a couple of random impulse buys.
Ed Sheeran, Switchfoot, Imagine Dragons, new Paramore, some Macklemore,
and the cool 16 year old New Zealand artist, Lorde (some lyrics above), who I was told ages ago by a friend to check out.
I'm now kinda angry at myself for taking this long but hey better late than never.
If you have time I'd recommend listening to her stuff (available on her website or spotify or itunes for purchase)

There's a couple of things I'm excited about in this outfit.
 Firstly the new May28th watch I ordered online. 
I love watches that are a bit interesting, so this is perfect for those outfits where something 
a bit low key is needed compared to my lego watch.

Secondly I FINALLY finished this necklace DIY project that I've been working on in little spurts for the past 9 (I just checked this, how?) months.
So now that it is finally finished I have the photos I needed for a DIY post yay!
That will be up sometime in the coming week, but until then here are some pics to (hopefully) get you excited...

top - valley girl
shorts - made by me
watch -
lipstick - MAC "neon orange"
necklace - DIY coming soon

This final face was a result of Ellen taking a bazillion photos really fast even though I wasn't moving.
 "What are you doing?!"
It made me laugh so I figured it should be shared even if I look strange hahaha

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A little rain to shape your outfit...

"You can't have a rainbow without a little rain"
-Author Unknown

I braved the rain to get these outfit photos while Tara took shelter in the garage. 
But the photos actually turned out really cool and the only evidence of rain is my crazy frizzy hair.
But rain in Auckland almost always produces a charming little rainbow to make you smile in the end,
forcing you to forget the day of trouble it has caused you.

Shirt : Thrifted
Bag : Pahia
Necklace : Amazon
Shoes c/o

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Off-duty and casual in t-shirt and jeans...

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway"
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought I'd start this quick casual post with what is probably my favorite quote at the moment.
 Criticism is a good thing, it can be grounding or help you see something you didn't before. 
But it's just as easy to lose sight of the fact that there will always be someone to find a hole in what you like or do. 
And that doesn't mean you shouldn't like it or do it.

I've been wearing this quite a lot lately, especially if I'm just hanging around at uni for the day.
It's simple and comfortable; kinda my version of the model off-duty look but for bloggers...

jeans - glassons
t-shirt - dotti
laptop/tablet case - ASOS
hunger games necklace - amazon
boots, glasses - thrifted

Sometimes it's just nice to wear a t-shirt and jeans and not have to worry about skirts flying or  adjusting a lot :)

Have you read a quote lately that just kinda speaks to you?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

The return of the shoe...

Shoes are a mirror of what you want, what you are or what you’re missing. "
-Christian Louboutin

Since we got so many comments on our last post featuring our gold 'Go Jane' shoes, I decided to feature them in another of my outfits!
You will be pleased to know that since our last photo shoot with these, my walking has improved. I can now manage to make a slow but 
steady walk across flat surfaces in these skyscrapers. I know, I'm quite proud of myself. 
I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been here for me through the tough practice times; my sister for helping me stand 
up, and the ground for always catching me when I fall. You guys are great, look how far we have come <3
I'm in training for fashion week. I am determined to pull off a graceful walk in these by then, in the mean time I'll keep up my practice, 
gold star for the improvement!

Shoes c/o
Dress : Unknown
Necklace : Third Eye

These horses are such camera hogs, oh-so casually moving across the paddock to where we were standing 
and slipping into the background of our photos, sneaky.

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