Sunday, September 29, 2013

10 Spring essentials/favourites + NZ Giveaway!

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."
- Pablo Neruda 

For a while there it was hard to remember that the changing seasons in New Zealand were actually changing into 
spring. Especially with our favourite youtubers like Bethany (macbarbie07) doing lots of awesome fall/autumn 
themed videos! So to get ourselves (and our fellow southern hemisphere readers) back into spring we decided 
to do a little photo + video combo of our favourite things for spring :)

1. Converse high-tops
The reasoning behind this choice is that although we love a good pair of boots, they don't really fit into spring/summer 
outfits and some chucks are a easy way to wean yourself off the winter shoe staple (while still being able to wear
some warm socks and protect from puddles!)

2. A Bustier 
Warmer weather is a great time to break out the cropped tops again. Remember to keep it classy and avoid a
 "forgot my shirt" situation my pairing it with something high waisted; chic and flattering!

3. Light weight scarves
So even though its spring and we get visions of outfits with cute dress etc, it's still pretty cold and light scarves 
are a great way to warm up an outfit on the cooler days. Plus there are so many out there you can get cool 
bright colours in your favourite pattern!

4. Light weight jumpers
Beat the cool spring breeze with a super cute jumper, we are especially loving the pastel ones out at the moment! 
This way if you want to get out those pasty (at least in our case) legs you can still keep warm :)

5. Umbrella
The weather in Auckland has a tendency to be changing all throughout the day so an umbrella is something 
you need to carry around at all times! Gotta be ready for those sudden spring showers!

6. Sunglasses: cross my heart from choies
Even though it's likely to rain, you are just as likely to be blinded by bright sunshine (it's what gets all the pretty 
springtime flowers growing so it does happen haha). But if you remember a great pair of sunnies squinting
 be banished!

7. Nail polish: OPI liquid sand (in 'solitaire') and Rimmel salon pro (in 'hip hop')
So we've already done a post on the Rimmel nail polishes and why we love them (here), but we also wanted to 

include the liquid sands as we love these too and couldn't choose! These colours we thought would be great 
for spring as they are lighter and brighter and that's what we think spring fashion is all about, and they'll look
 great with the all white outfits that are trending for this season!

Even though it's spring and it's typical to wear a lot of white, as kiwis we are still suckers for black so one way 
to work with it is by adding a bright belt for a pop of spring colour!

9. Jellies!
It got too cold to wear jellies before we managed to jump on that trend, but now winters passed it's a great
 time to get in on that childhood nostalgia fest that is the jellie. Plus there are so many to choose from you'll 
definitely be able to find a colour and style to suit your wardrobe!

So this is a little less fashion related but we are loving our penny boards and wanted to share! Although we
 are still not ace penny boarders we are practising and making progress haha! 

And we made a video about it all too! (though we went on tangents so often while filming I was surprised there
 was the right points to edit together lol). So check that out, especially if you're from New Zealand cause we
 announce a small giveaway we've decided to do (with our own money) since giveaways often exclude
 our little country!

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Ellen's way: the military style parker vest

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."
-Warren Buffett 

How great an item is can be measured by two things; how easy it is to style and, how many times have you worn
 it since purchasing. This new army vest ticks both those boxes. Tara and I have literally had it for only a week and 
already we have given it some serious wear. When I first saw it, I was taunted by the question of what was I going
 to wear with it. Floral dress, jeans, leather skirt, blouse of singlet? There were so many possibilities! But surprisingly, 
it went with every single item Tara or I have pulled together in the past week, the vest has become the finishing touch.
 I cant even explain it, it's that magical vest that goes with anything!

Skirt, necklace  - thrifted
jumper - Valley Girl
Shoes - Garage
vest c/o Choies

Being amazing as it is, this new vest may become a little over featured on the blog, whoops we cant ourselves! ;)
But for now, I hope you liked the first outfit and comment below if you own a military-style vest too!

P.S Happy birthday to our number one reader ;) #bestaunty

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My new printed shirt: wearing hearts on your sleeve...

"The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing."
-Blaise Pascal 

When our latest package from Choies arrived in the mail I kind of frightened the delivery man by appearing so fast at 
the door. But I knew what was in that package, and I wasn't going to waste any time! From spotting it on the site, to all
 the way to the door, I was super excited for this particular shirt to arrive. My love affair with Burberry style heart prints
 started a while back when Harry Styles first started wearing different styles around the place. But it really reached its
 peak when Elle Fanning was featured in Miss Vogue wearing a burgundy women's version. Photos from this editorial 
were popping up everywhere in my life and taunting me on twitter, tumblr, instagram! But one day I saw a top like it 
on Choies and Ellen said just to get it since I was starting to annoy her about it. Luckily when it arrived it even fit 
me! (instead of being passed along to Ellen like a few of our online sizing gambles)

 nail polish - 'Hip Hop' Kate Moss for Rimmel
sovereign case necklace - antique (ebay)
pencil skirt - made by me
heart print shirt c/o Choies
shoes - Hannahs

This was another outfit snapped before I ran off to work (like mentioned in the previous post). Unfortunately in our 
haste I forgot to tell Ellen I had changed the camera settings when we were filming a video (coming soon ;) ), so 
all the photos for this outfit were hurriedly taken. This turned out to be a big problem today when I went to edit
them (incompatible formats and less than perfect photo quality #why #bloggerpains). As a result I chose to only 
include the best photos, but since it's highly likely I'll be wearing this top again (/all the time) I'm sure it will pop 
up again on here soon enough!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rimmel and Kate Moss Nail it: Salon Pro Lycra Review

"Nail the salon look"
- Rimmel London x Kate Moss

When the new Rimmel London and Kate Moss salon pro nail polish went on sale for a mere $7, Tara and I went 
a little crazy. After purchasing the red 'Hip Hop' colour for herself, I quickly got her to race back to Farmers for
 another colour for me. And of course she returned back home with three more bottles, good work Tara ;)

This nail polish has been trumping the blogosphere from the moment of its release. One popularly advertised aspect 
was it's ease of application. As a poor student I can never afford to get my nails done, nor afford expensive nail polish
 so I was hooked on the concept of this at home nail gel from the beginning. It's not quite as gel-like as I initially
 expected but I do marvel at how it goes on. I absolutely love the wide brush, it applies like a dream (with very minimal 
coats required), and it dries super fast!

We snapped these photos before Tara headed off to work this morning. The master of multitasking; drinking her 
coffee and modelling! The last shot is also a little sneak peak at an outfit to come ;)

Overall I would definitely recommend this nail polish to anyone. So far it has passed the chip resistance promise, 
it has remained chip-free though my tennis games and Tara's day of normally nail polish destroying retail work!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coming out of the cocoon: Day-to-night styling

"Fashion is at once a caterpillar and a butterfly, caterpillar by day, butterfly by night"
- Coco Chanel

Since I work at my retail job all weekend it generally means if I'm going out (which I will admit is reasonable rare) 
I will go straight from work. This presents a double ended problem of what to wear as I don't really want to take a full
 outfit change with me. The photos of this particular outfit are of the 'night/butterfly' look for a friends birthday dinner a 
week or two ago (goodness where is the time going!). I added a bright floral blazer, some heels, and an on trend bag
 to my all-black work-appropriate business-wear and bam ready for a nice dinner out with my friends. I think that's 
the trick for day to night outfits; a few key adjustments (heels being the biggie) to make it all a bit more interesting 
or fun!

lipstick -  'Dear Diary' Mac pro longwear
top, arrow necklace - Glassons
clear perspex bag c/o Choies
watch - May 28th (onceit)
blazer c/o Style Keepers
shoes - number 1 shoes
pants - sewn by me

It was really nice to get to see my friends! We are all doing different things (work and uni wise) at the moment so we
 don't get to see each other as often as I would like. Just part of being an adult I guess *le sigh*. It was at a Japanese 
restaurant called Sake Bar that we've been to before and it was so good. I particularly enjoyed my Lychee chuhai 
and beef tataki (our table ordered eight servings of this lol, they must have enjoyed it too!)

Ellen has been working hard on her mock exams and I have had a whirlwind week of tests and assignments (including
 a 3am stint due to submission problems D:). I saw some others seemed to be having some exams/tests/assignments
/academic marathons too, so best of luck for those if you do! x

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Boyfriend logic

"Why is it called a clutch?Why don't they call it a grab? "
- Boyfriend

Tara and I were so excited when we received this unicorn clutch from Choies. I showed it to everyone with eyes
My mum, the neighbour's cat, my boyfriend, and so on. My Boyfriend definitely had the most entertaining reaction. 
So instead of scouring the internet for a quote to go with this blog post like I usually do, I used him. My previous post 
'Dad Logic' is what gave me the idea for this second post. So let me introduce part two; Boyfriend Logic. And sorry
 in advance boyfriend if you are reading this ;)

                                                                           Him: Is that a horse?
                                                                          Me: Nope, It's a unicorn!
                                                                          Him: If that's a unicorn, why isnt it sparkly? Unicorns are sparkly
                                                                          Me: But we chose black because it goes with everything!
                                                                          Him: Oh...
                                                                          Me: See isnt it cool? You hold it like this... Like its a clutch
                                                                          *cue demonstration via skype webcam*
                                                                          Him: Wait, whats a clutch?
                                                                          Me: It's a type of bag...
                                                                          Him: You mean a purse?
                                                                          Me: No it's a clutch, you see you hold it like this, like your clutching it. 
                                                                               That's why it is called a clutch. Bags have different names.
                                                                          Him: Why did they call it a clutch then? Can't you just call it a grab?
                                                                           I think you should call it a grab.
                                                                          *cue laugh and facepalm from me*

Clutch c/o Choies
Jumper : Valley Girl
Skirt : Kingan Jones
Boots : Glassons

UPDATE: Omg the comments are the best some hilarious bf logic stories in there guys! I've been having some laughs from these, thanks for sharing! Tara
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

unnecessary obstacles...

"The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our minds create"

Today's post is just a quick outfit post, since I underestimated how much uni work I could actually get done over the 
break. It's now two days out from going back, and I have two tests the first day, two assignments due the second
 day and another test the third day to look forwards to. This wouldn't be a problem, except I have work all weekend 
and a dress rehersal/fitting for the charity fashion show Ellen and I are volunteering for, busy busy busy!

lipstick - Max Factor 'Angel Pink"
hunger games necklace - Amazon
jumper - One Teaspoon
maxi dress - Cotton On
boots - Glassons
belt - Portmans

Hopefully your upcoming days/week aren't going to be as manic as mine! 
But if they are, as one of my uni friends would say "We can do this!"

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Zealand Fashion Weekend: The Ponsonby Show

"Sara Tetro is eating muesli front row"
- @PattyHuntington ( )

Last Friday I arrived home after a five day hockey tournament, then it was off to fashion weekend, followed by a
 modelling job on Monday and a blogger meet up/event on Tuesday  Phew! Its been a busy week, and today it was
 back to the boring daily school routine. So I may have piles of homework and exams next week, but there is always
 time for a blog post and more NZFW talk ;)

When I bought my fashion weekend tickets a month ago, I spent hours analysing each show and which showed the 
most potential. I was attracted to the Ponsonby show because of it's exciting range of NZ 
designers including Taylor,
Andrea Moore,Kingan Jones and Storm. So that's where I found myself last Saturday (front row woop woop!) and two 
collections particularly stood out to me. Andrea Moore was full of bright colours and prints, causing an agonising pull 
for my wallet, especially when I saw the daisy lace coat and printed suit (both pictured below). Taylor was my other 
favourite, and on the opposite end of the scale to Andrea Moore, featuring an entire black and white collection in the 
show. I actually loved the basic colour palette, as to me, it allowed you to see the true beauty of the garments. The
 intricate design and high quality fabric really drew my eye in. They used unique textures and cut outs to create 
something really edgy and cool, definitely worth a look on-line.

Andrea Moore
Kingan Jones (Not too keen on tassel earings but loves the shoes and sunglasses!)

And for those of you who missed it, check out my fashion weekend video above!

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