Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Catching Fire inspired outfit

"A spark could be enough to set them ablaze"
- Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Upon discovering the Hunger Games 'Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville ' collection, Tara and I went reaching for our wallets. Unfortunately, our student budget does not include $800 Mockingjay inspired dresses. Compromising, we created this outfit inspired by Katniss' gear in the latest movie from the trilogy; 'Catching Fire'. This gorgeous chunky knit from Rosewholesale was definitely a key piece in recreating her look. It can be worn multiple ways that all remind me of various looks from the movie. I wanted to introduce leather somewhere as Katniss does in many of her outfits. These leather panelled leggings were the perfect answer, also complementing the grey tones of the jumper.And to complete the look in true Katniss style, my Novo leather lace up boots. I also had a little fun creating Katniss' signature braid and slipping on my little Mockingjay pin. What can I say? Im a fan ;)

Leggings : Glassons
Boots : Novo
Mockingjay pin : Amazon 

At the moment its sweltering hot in New Zealand, so this outfit isn't exactly the most appropriate. Is it bad to be craving rain and wind so I can wear this out? I'm already mentally saving this outfit for one of those cold uni mornings!

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  1. You re-created the look so well. You look very tough and lovely. That braid is very wow on you :)

  2. Oh gosh what an amazing idea! Your Katniss impersonation was just perfect, you've captured her style and essence so perfectly!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  3. This is so cute! Love the pin too, makes it like you are in the movie too!

  4. This outfit was perfect in capturing Katniss's style in Catching Fire! I especially love that sweater, it's so versatile chic and casual!
    You look absolutely brilliant in this outfit:)

    ♥ Charms | my ∞ fashion confession

  5. oh my god. this is PERFECT - teach me how to do your hair!!!! so excited to try out rosewholesale now :)

    xoxo hobovogue.com . ღ

  6. Waaaahhhh! You NAILED the Katniss look girl. Like, perfectly *_*
    I'm loving the leather paneled leggings with the thickly knit sweater. Definitely Capital ready, haha.
    Although so true, that Mockingbird inspired dress is gorgeous too!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Lovely . . A G+ for ur post and have a Nice Day. . . :)

  8. perfectt! totally love it<3


  9. That is such a cosy looking jumper! Will be a great piece when the weather cools :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. I think you guys smashed it- and for muuuuuch less. Savvy girls! :)


  11. I love this so much! Katniss will always be one of my fav female protagonists. That jacket is actually on my wishlist but I was waiting until winter to buy it but you're making me want it now T_T

  12. Such an awesome outfit!! I loved how they styled Katniss in Catching Fire, and this is an awesome take! Will also be saving this outfit to recreate from my own pieces for a cold, windy Wellington day :)


  13. Cute jumper, and the boots are stunning! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  14. Beautiful minimalist style! Great textures and the boots are perfect!

    - Anna


  15. Wonderful cardigan!



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