Thursday, January 9, 2014

The monogrammed necklace take 2: Tara

"A monogram is your name boiled down to the essence and executed with graphic artistry"

Ellen has previously talked about her love of monogram necklaces in reference to such iconic shows as Ugly Betty and The Carrie Diaries. But I think my love of the monogram comes from the very traditional personalisation or marking of property (see my antique sovereign case). The calligraphy style intertwining of the letters appeals to the typography lover in me, and the fact that it's going to look different to any your friends get (even if it's technically the same design), makes it a winner to me. 

My particular one is from a company called Onecklace, and though there were many style and chain options to choose from I went for the classic monogram with a split-chain so it doesn't spin around during the day. I really love how it turned out, and I've already had lots of compliments from customers while at work!

necklace c/o onecklace
top - Mirrou
sunglasses - Molly N

I think this may be just the start of my monogrammed collection, things are just that much better when they're personalised. I remember in primary school when there was a trend of personalised stationary. My coloured pencils with my name in silver font were a prized possession and carefully guarded (even though it would be completely obvious if anyone tried to steal them!). Was this a trend for anyone else? Or just my little NZ school back in the 90s?

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  1. I am loving this monogrammed necklace girl! I can see why it got you compliments :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Such a beautiful necklace :)

  3. Adorable outfit!!!
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    Keep in touch

  4. love your necklaceeee!<3

  5. Love this! The super summery stripes are gorgeous, too.


  6. You always have the best accessories! <3

    - Anna

  7. Monograms look so elegant, and add a great personalised touch to an outfit :) and I remember those pencil cases! Definitely the coolest things out back in the day, haha


  8. Very nice, i really want one for myself!

  9. Such a sweet post :)
    Love this idea Tara!

  10. Very pretty and delicate - makes a wonderful start for a new collection! :)

  11. The color really looks good on you! And I really love the sunnies <3

  12. i love this's so chic!!!

  13. That looks great! I am biased, because I simply love monogrammed stuff - necklaces, bracelets, stationary, like you said! I liked the top! I mean, I didn't see all, but I ;loved the colors! denisesplanet com

  14. You necklace is really nice darling!


  15. Love monogram anything. Great necklace


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