Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lazy weekend reading: Divergent

"Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. 
It's learning to control your fear, and how to be free of it"
- Veronica Roth, Divergent

We have something a little different for you today; a book review! But of course we had to put a fashion spin on it so we took some more black and white photos (after such lovely positive feedback from last time). 

If you hadn't noticed there has been a trend of futuristic dystopian novels and movies lately. Divergent is the first part in a trilogy by Veronica Roth that solidly adds to that popular genre. 
Ever since we were introduced to The Hunger Games trilogy a couple of years ago we've been enjoying these easy to read sci-fi relatives. Female protagonist, post-apocalyptic society, questioning of social structure, action, danger, romantic sub-plot, all things that seem to draw us in. Divergent did not disappoint and threw us into it's new and interesting world. The books follow Tris Prior through post-apocalyptic Chicago, where society is divided into five distinct groups (called "factions") according to social/personality related characteristics. 
It was easy to read and we felt filled with the need to know what happens next and why everything is this way. Some questions are answered, but of course like any good introduction to a series you are left with even more unanswered. 

We had to include the last photo because lets be real, this is the position we read in most of the time haha

If you've love books like The Hunger Games, The Darkest Minds,  Matched, or Delerium (which are pretty great btw) you love this one!

We are massive advocate of reading books before the movie. We always find it easier to follow and you can just sit back and enjoy the visuals; characters, costumes, sets; we love it all. So to all those wanting to see the first installment of the futuristic dystopian movie trilogy Divergent coming out this week, we'd highly recommend reading the book before you do!

Check in later in the week for some more Divergent inspired content (hint it gets fashiony!)



  1. Agreed, it's always best to read the book before the movie (most of the time, the book's better anyway ;) haha).
    I loved this book and have yet to read the rest! I still haven't seen the movie yet but it's on my list!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I like the last photo hehe. I need to read Divergent! I came so close to getting it in Whitcoulls today & I have reward $ too which makes it more tempting. Maybe I'll have to go back tomorrow.

    Sophie x


  3. It seems like a really awesome book, i also want to see the movie! :)


  4. I haven't read these yet or seen the movie- but I've heard good things. Need to pick 'em up and get started. :)


  5. awesome post and I'm massive fan of the hunger games, so maybe i'll have to try this one to!

    it takes 2 to fashion

  6. Love the last photo haha, I need to read this before I go and see the movie!x

  7. I support the 'read the book before the movie' as well. But with the Divergent series I might do the contrary due to not havign enough time to devote to the books. And if i like the movie I will read the books as well.

  8. i've been hearing about this book EVERYWHERE! it's definitely on my list!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. Thanks for the review. I'm after a new book to read so will try this. Loved The Hunger Games so this should be good/


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