Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide | Some Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers Like Us

"Nothing says holidays, like a cheese log."
- Ellen DeGeneres

There's only a few days left until Christmas so we thought we would share some Ideas for gifts if you have anyone you still need to buy for. Obviously you will know the person you are buying for better than we do, but if you're stuck these are somethings that

First up, the diary. We've photographed Tara's KikkiK 'inspire' diary but there a heaps of cool ones out this year so you can find one that is the perfect style for your giftee.

mason jar mugs $4 - looksharp / jessup brushes 10pc ~$17 - ebay / Maybelline babylips $5 - Farmers

We think these mason jar mugs are super cute and a great for filling with chocolates or even a few beauty bits if that's something the person you're buying for might like. We found these ones with chalkboard labels on so you can add a festive message too.

'Little Snow Fairy' $18.50 and 'Happy Christmas' $56.90 gift packs c/o LUSH

LUSH is a brand we have fallen in love with even more this year after getting into having more baths. They have some awesome Chritmas products at the moment that would make great gifts including the sets like our favourites we've shown above. 

flossie gift voucher 

If you're from NZ and know someone you think deserve a little bit of pampering a gift voucher for concierge might be perfect. We did this for our Mum for her birthday and she used it to get a lovely pedicure, but there's lots of other kinds of appointments to choose from too.

Zoella beauty makeup bag ~$16 - feelunique / Captives candle small $25 (available in store) large $40 - Amber Whitecliffe

We think the Zoella Beauty range makes awesome gifts for bath lovers and Zoella fans alike. Though if like us you're not from the UK it might be a bit late for ordering these online, we wanted to mention them anyway because we love the line!

This candle is one Tara bought recently from the Amber Whitecliffe boutique in Parnell. These candles smell great, come in nice glass packaging and are made in NZ so are winners in our eyes!

Vogue Australia subscription for 12 months ~$73

A magazine subscription is an awesome gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. It can be hard to pick out clothes for a fashion lover so a subscription to something like vogue will make them happy for many months without that gamble on style and size. Ellen received an subscription to Australian vogue from her cousins for her birthday and it's definitely a winner.



  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. great gift giving guide! My favorite is the LUSH soaps, it looks so fantastic to use! Also, I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK TARA AND ELLEN!!! It looks so fabulous and the artwork of the top it so pretty. congrats!


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