Sunday, June 28, 2015

Everyday Makeup Routine

These are our go-to make up looks at the moment. It's not a typical chatty tutorial, it's more of a peek into our current makeup routine and favourite products. 

FACE // Clinique antiblemish BB cream* in 'light', Collection concealer in '02', Rimmel 'translucent' powder
BROWS // (Tara) Art Deco eyebrow pencil in '06', (Ellen) Elf eyebrow kit, L'Oreal brow artist plumper*
EYES // (Tara) Mac paintpot in 'Painterly', Max Factor eyeliner in 'black', Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Lancome grandiose mascara*, (Ellen) Maybelline color tattoo in 'Bad to the Bronze', Elf eyebrow kit (matte shade), Benefit roller lash mascara*
CHEEKS // (Tara) Milani blush in 'Luminoso', Benefit 'Hoola' bronzer, (Ellen) Milani blush in 'Rose D'Oro'
LIPS // (Tara) Art Deco lip liner in '22', Antipodes lipstick in 'Vintage Pink'*, (Ellen) Jordana lip liner in 'Tawny'
BRUSHES // Real Techniques, Eco Tools and MAC

DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT sponsored. Items marked with '*' were sent to us by PR agencies, but we were under no obligation to include them in this video and genuinely love the things we featured :)
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Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Reasons We Love Parka Jackets

Today's post is once again about my beloved parka jacket. To be honest I'm don't care if you're bored of this jacket, I love it so you are going to be seeing a lot more of it #outfitrepeater. So I thought I'd summarise all the reasons I love it, so you can fall in love too and join my parka jacket club.

1. It goes with everything 
This parka jacket has never met an outfit it doesn't like. 

2. It's warm 
We like to say that fashion is worth the discomfort, but who are we kidding, if its cold why wouldn't we want to wear a giant cosy blanket like jacket?

3. It cinches at the waist 
It's hard to find padded jackets that are flattering, but parka jackets like this nip in at just the right place.

4. It has big pockets 
As simple as it sounds, clothes with pockets just make everything better. I can even fit my giant phablet aka the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

5. It's fluffy 
Enough said.

jacket c/o The Warehouse // jeans - Sass & Bide // shoes - nike // top - Mirrou // bag - thrifted // bra - lonely // sunglasses c/o Cotton On

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Weekly Vlog #4 - First Time Epilating + Other Adventures

In this weekly vlog Ellen tries epilating for the first time! We also did lots of study and went to a fun store opening. If you would like to see more weekly vlogs, make sure you give this one a thumbs up :D

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WHAT IS SMART CASUAL? // 5 Tips dressing for a smart causal dress code

The 'smart casual' dress code always has me scratching my head. Without fail I end up asking myself "What is smart causal?" and then "What do I wear!?". Smart casual can be different depending on whether this is for an event or work and everyone interprets it differently. But today I thought I would share an outfit I consider smart casual that could be worn to something like an event or party.

My formula for smart casual usually involves a few elements: 

1. An item which could be worn in a dressy or formal outfit // In this outfit it would be the floaty top and simple heels elevate the look from looking too laid back.

2. An item that brings a casual element // This time I wore some distressed black jeans. The black colour means they didn't look too causal but the distressing brings a little cool factor (see our denim distressing DIY here)

3. Stick to a monochrome look // This is optional but I've found that wearing a simple colour palette like black and white can keep things from looking too informal. 

4. If in doubt overdress // I always feel a little more at ease at places when I'm slightly overdressed rather than underdressed. If you aren't sure how formal an event might be, you might consider dressing a little more formal than I've shown by swapping out the jeans for a skirt or pants. 

5. Talk to friends that are attending // this is probably the thing that puts me most at ease when going somewhere with a smart casual dress code. If you know someone else that is going ask them what they're wearing, then if you both look a out of place at least you'll have a partner in crime!

top c/o Stella (from Farmers) // jeans c/o Andrea Moore // shoes c/o The Warehouse // name necklace c/o The Warehouse // ball necklace - Asos // watch c/o Jord // rings - Karen Walker/Pandora

What is your go-to smart causal outfit? Leave us a comment, we'd love hear how you interpret what smart casual is!

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Collective Haul // Fashion, Beauty + More!

We love doing haul videos, but decided to do something a little different this time and include not just fashion and beauty but also some vintage clothes, gadgets and PR samples. Hope you enjoyed this haul, leave us a comment if you liked the inclusion of lots of different types of products :D

MENTIONED // Oxfords - Clark's // Velvet dress - thrifted // Scarf - Cotton On // Wooden Watches c/o Jord *// Fur vest c/o boohoo* // Hats c/o 80days * // Fudge Clean Blond Violet Toning Shampoo // Eyebrow Pencil 06 - Art Deco // Mineral Lip styler 22 - Art Deco // Hairdryer c/o VS Sassoon* // Clairol Professional Volumation Heat Protection Lotion* // Sebastian Whipped Creme* // Panasonic Epilator ES-WD24 // PowerShot G7X Canon // Necklaces - Matchbox Studios 

Disclaimer: This video was NOT sponsored. PR samples are marked in the list above with a '*' but we were under no obligation to include these items in this video
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Spencer Hastings Inspired Outfit - Pretty Little Liars Fashion

My obssesion with the TV show 'Pretty Little Liars' is no secret, so today I decided to put together an outfit post inspired by my favourite character, Spencer Hastings. Spencer's style is the perfect combination of modern trends and classic elegance. Some key items I have noticed Spencer wearing are knee socks, structured coats, skater skits and jumpers layered with collared blouses. I took these elements and created my own little Hastings outfit which I am in love with.

When we first started blogging, we used to do an outfit post every Friday inspired by either Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game or Gossip Girl. We called these our "Lying Fridays" posts and if you are looking for a good laugh, check out the archives for some hilariously old outfits/photos. I think we have improved a bit since then haha!

Coat - vintage // Jumper c/o boohoo // Skirt c/o The Warehouse // Bag - Choies // Shoes - Glassons // Necklace - Matchbox Studios

Let us know in the comments if you would like to see more PLL inspired outfit posts or if you have any other favourite TV shows, leave them in the comments below :D

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

OOTD // Cold Weather = Warm Coats

This morning I was not prepared to wake up to a temperature of 4°C. For some reason my brain has been resisting the idea that it is winter (even though it is my favourite season). I think it is probably because so many bloggers and youtubers I follow live in the Northern Hemisphere, so keep talking about how it's summer and warm. Well brain, it's definitely not warm here, so thanks for remembering you had this super warm coat in the back of the closet! 

coat - made by Tara // skirt - The Warehouse // shoes c/o The Warehouse // plaid shirt c/o frontrowshop  // clutch - asos // necklace - Matchbox Studios

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

DIY Distressed Denim // Ripped Knee Jeans

You don't need to buy distressed jeans when it's super easy to make them yourself. Even better, no on else will have them! In this week's video we show you how to create ripped knees, holes/ladders, and an overall worn in look.

The production of distressed denim usually does not involve ethical methods. The chemicals and sandblasting used to distress denim to their perfect worn in state have a terrible impact on workers' health and the environment. Before Andrea Moore got in touch with us we weren't aware of this issue, so we hope by sharing this more people will become aware of this and think twice next time you're looking at buying some distressed denim. 

If you want to hear more about the Andrea Moore #EarnYourDenim campaign, check out their page about it here

DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT sponsored. Andrea Moore were kind enough to invite us along to their distressing denim workshop and provided us each a pair of jeans. We decided to make this video because we loved the idea behind the campaign and thought you guys would love to learn the tips we picked up.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Shopping my sister's wardrobe

As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Tara was cleaning out her wardrobe the other day which pretty much meant I got to go shopping. She was a bit unsure about whether she should keep this particular top, so I jumped in and saved the day. Long story short, the top is now mine and will not be going back to Tara's wardrobe. My tip to all those little sisters out there, try shopping your sister's wardrobe, its cheap and honestly the best. 

top - Mink Pink // jeans c/o Andrea Moore // necklaces - thrifted crystal and name necklace c/o The Warehouse 

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