Friday, July 10, 2015

What to Wear Iceskating

In our latest weekly vlog you will have seen some shots of a renewed love we have found thanks to Britney's shared enthusiasm; ice skating! You already know we love skiing but we finally gave ice skating another go and headed along to the pop-up rink in Aotea Square. Today I thought I would share a couple of outfit tips for wearing ice skating :)

1. Thick socks // This is a must even if you are wearing tights! The boots at the rink aren't the comfiest so having a thick pair of socks can help but putting a layer between your feet and the hard plastic. Also many feet have been in those boots so it's nice to have a barrier between your feet and whatever the previous user has left behind (stay away stinky feet residue!)

2. Layer up // Because you are moving you do keep reasonably warm, but it is still pretty cold on the rink. So it is best to come with multiple layers that you can always take off if you are feeling too warm. In this trip to the rink I forgot my wool coat, and the Avondale rink was much colder than the Aotea Square one, so I wished I had remembered my own advice and bought that extra layer!

3. The bottom half // It doesn't really matter what you wear on the bottoms, I've worn both skirts and tights or jeans/leggings. Leggings and tights are a little more flexible for maneuvering around, and they will dry a little faster than jeans if you do happen to fall on the ice. If you feel the cold you might like to have an extra layer like some thermal leggings, but most people are fine with a lighter layer on the bottom half.

jumper & shoes c/o The Warehouse // skirt - The Warehouse // rings - Karen Walker, Pandora // nails - Butter London 'The Black Knight'

photos thanks to the lovely Britney (from Scout & Company



  1. Nice outfit :)


  2. I love the outfit! I always remember to layer up but always forget the thick socks or even just socks. Have a great weekend :)

    Dice,'96 Wild Heart

  3. lovely look. great boots!

  4. ice!! in auckland?? you look lovely tara!! :D


  5. Love this winter look, you look great!

  6. Cute outfit! I haven't skated in years but I find that thick tights and a skater style dress with a sweater is just perfect. Skinny jeans can be a bit hazardous if they're super tight haha


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