Saturday, August 1, 2015

How To Layer: 5 Ways To Keep Warm In Winter

One of the many reasons I love winter is because the temperature means layering is essential, and I do love to layer. I don't have a set summer and winter wardrobe, instead I wear typically summery things like this sleeveless polka dot shirt and skater skirt and layer it with a combination of other things to keep warm. It also means you can peel off some layers if you end up somewhere with good heating, which is essential if you overheat easily like I do.

1. Jumpers // I love jumpers (I literally have a draw full of grey jumpers alone) and they are an essential layering item in winter. It  could be a light weight jumper to wear under a jacket, or it might be a chunky knit that is super cosy for braving the brisk winter days. 

2. Coats // I think I just love outer-wear in general, because I love a good coat. I think coats are something that's worthwhile investing in as most of us will end up wearing this with the majority of our winter outfits. It's also good to size up and get a size you can wear over your jumpers.

3. Thermals // Wearing a thermal top or other kind of warm long sleeve top under some of your summer shirts is one way you can get wear out of them not matter how cold it is.

4. Tights // I really enjoy wearing tights in winter because they mean I can still wear all my pretty skirts and dresses instead of wearing pants or jeans all the time. 

5. Beanies/Scarves/Gloves // All of these can add that little bit of extra warmth and are easy to put in you bag to layer if you want to be able easily adjust your level of warmth. 

 jacket - made by Tara // polka dot shirt, skirt - The Warehouse // grey jumper - Country Road // necklace - Matchbox studios // shoes c/o The Warehouse // nails - Butter London in 'Jaffa'



  1. This location is amazing! You look very beautiful, I like your outfit! The lovely coat and necklace, all so beautiful and well matched! I was waiting for winter in the south hemisphere so much, but it didn't happen :( I am glad that you had it, I love winter!

  2. You made that coat?! Teach me your ways lol

  3. You MADE the coat...that's so awesome Tara *_*
    Aha, it's the perfect option for winter months! And we're heading into cooler months soon here in the States (still summery heat though), but these ways of layering are certainly what I'll be using in a bit!

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  4. Layering is definitely my favourite part of winter. The way I think about it is that I get to wear more of my favourite clothes at once! Absolutely love your coat, Tara! So rad. Wish I could sew better than I do!

    georgina | baby rebel

  5. I am ALL about the layering. I love that you made the coat Tara, you talented wee thing. It looks smashing. xo


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