Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Boots That Will Last 20 Years

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about ethical fashion and though transforming my shopping habits is still very much a work in progress, one thing I have been trying to do is buy good quality classic pieces rather than trendy cheap things. And that's how I found myself buying these beautiful new boots...

I bought these leather boots at a factory sale recently and though they have yet to feature on the blog, I have been wearing them tons (#OutfitRepeater). Because I got them at a factory sale they only cost me $40, but they are meant to retail for $200+. Although my mum had her eye on them, there was only one pair left which happened to be in my size (sorry Mum!). The moment I tried them on, I knew I wanted to buy them. These boots have such comfortable insoles, it honestly feels like I am walking on pillows. Added to which, the insides are lined with the softest leather. I have also found the top quality fabric and craftsmanship really makes the world of difference when it comes to how long your shoes will last. I'm definitely ready to beat these bad boys up and put them to the test!

As much as I love a pair of crazy high heels, they quickly go out of fashion. These boots on the other hand are such a classic shape that won't go out of date. The simple black colour goes with everything and the flat square heel means they are not tied to a specific trend or season, which means I can see myself wearing these for the next 20 years...



  1. These look good - good quality! I got some cheap boots and am regretting it already since they're falling apart super quickly.

  2. 40, when they were 200? That's a great purchase! I loved the boots and they seem to be of very good quality and guess what, I have boots I bought 10 years ago, and you are right, these ones will last, for sure!

  3. I can definitely see these being dug up in an archaeological dig in 200 years time and still looking good as new! love them!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic - Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

  4. Lovely post and definitely agree with buying investment pieces now! They last longer and go with lot's of other things in your wardrobe! p.s pretty blog design :) x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  5. Such a bargain! My fave boots were only $40 too, and I wear them so often in winter. x

  6. Damn girl, you know how to spot a bargain! A great investment (especially at that price).


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