Sunday, September 6, 2015

Frends Taylor Headphones // Review

Today I thought I would share a little review about my Frends headphones that I got last year for my birthday. This is based on things I've noticed and questions people have had since I got them. If there's anything else you'd like to know leave a comment below or you can tweet me at @tardaeda :)

Which headphones do you have?
I have the limited edition Taylor's which have silver caps and beautifully soft black leather accents. Visually they are stunning and the construction is at a quality level you'd expect for the price tag. The newer models than mine have switchable caps you can get for different looks without buying another pair. Like all Frends headphones these have a handsfree/volume adjuster remote which is very handy and something I always like my headphones to have.

What are they like?
I've had these bad boys for over a year now, which is a record for me headphone wise. I've had over-ear headphones before that I've managed to break after only 6 months of use. By then they looked quite battered, in contrast my Frends are looking great and are still working perfectly (aside from a few finger prints and some makeup that rubbed off on the cushiony part). Part of this may be due to the fact that these were pretty expensive, so I've definitely been careful with them. When I'm not wearing them I always keep them folded up (they fold down like this) in the case they came with. This prevents the inevitable "tangled with everything in your bag" situation that puts stress on the wires and over time breaks them. I have heard of people breaking theirs, but *touch wood* mine are still going strong.

Hows the sound quality?
In terms of sound quality it's a definite jump from the pair that came with my iphone (which I still use). The brand's is all about making fashionable jewellery-inspired headphones, so having the best sound quality is not their focus. For this reason if you are particular about sound quality you might like to test them out before you buy. There are many other headphones out there on the market with a focus on the best sound quality, but I never found ones I liked as much aesthetically (and like I said the sound quality didn't have to be perfect for me). 

Are they comfortable?
The leather ear cushion parts are really soft and do feel nice on your ears, however they can hurt your ears if you wear them too long. This is down to the style of headphone sitting on and compressing the ear cartilage, which I notice can start to hurt a little bit after wearing them after about 3+ hours of constant wear. If I want to wear headphones for a full day I alternate every so often with my in-ear iphone ones.

Where did you buy them?
I got mine off the Nordstrom site when they were having a sale (I think because they were bringing in the new design with the changeable caps), but there are a list of stockists you can get them from on the Frends website. So I'd recommend checking out the different options there to find the best deal depending on where you live in the world. 



  1. They sound really wonderful! I'm glad you have a pair that works well for you.

  2. Whenever anyone has asked about the sound quality with mine, they're kind of shocked that I paid the amount I did and it's not the best sound quality you can get. But like you, it was definitely a jump from what I had before. I kind of just bought them because they look cool, haha! Yours look awesome!

  3. They are so darn pretty! I have been drooling over the rose gold ones for a while now! x


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