Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gold Coast Haul - my shopping from Australia

On my recent trip to the Gold Coast I was not expecting to do much shopping. I flew across the ditch with a tight budget, planning on spending most of my dough at Movie World (I am a sucker for some good movie memorabilia). Instead I ended up doing a decent amount of shopping outside of the theme parks and was pleasantly surprised by all the great things the GC had to offer. 

Priceline is incredible. I think we went there about 5 times on our trip (twice in one day even). The first thing I got was some Colab dry shampoo as you can't get that here in NZ. The next thing I popped in my basket was a Maybelline Super Stay nailpolish, these are hands down my favourite nail polishes . My friend Erin and I then went a little crazy in the skincare department over the brand Sukin. They are a fabulous ethical Australian brand and an added bonus, they were super cheap. No doubt you will be hearing me talk about these in a beauty video soon!

Although I had predicted to spend up large at Movie World, this mug was the only thing I bought for myself, the rest were all gifts. Hey you gotta have that one tourist thing right? Ok maybe two tourist things... I ended up getting a hand made kangaroo fur coin purse as well as some bath salts from the beach front markets. 

One particularly wicked gift I did get at Movie World was this Batman singlet for Tara as a belated birthday present. Other fashion bits I purchased include this awesome double buckled belt from a random surf shop in Surfers Paradise. And then the biggest purchase of the trip was this stunning backpack from one of the many other surf shops I can't seem to remember the names of. The first time I saw this backpack was on Lilly Pebbles' blog and when I stumbled across it in Australia I could not resist. 

To finish off my little haul I of course had to mention what I got in duty free. I was very over excited to go to a Victoria's Secret store for the first time, but was a little disappointed to find their body mists cost more than they do at The Warehouse here in NZ! Everything in general was quite expensive, but they did have an amazing selection of underwear on special for 3 for $50.

I had intended to upload part 2 of my Gold Coast vlog today but alas it remains in pieces in Premier Pro. I hope you enjoyed this little haul blog post though and make sure you check out my first GC vlog here if you haven't already.



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