Thursday, October 29, 2015

Batiste vs Colab dry shampoo - An honest review

Dry shampoo has become my hair saviour. It's always a mission to wash my hair, and it gets oily very fast meaning I often have to wash it everyday. Tara and I have both been using various bottles of Batiste Dry Shampoo for a good while now. However when I was over in Australia I picked up some Colab Dry Shampoo and so today I thought I would put together a little review and comparison of the two.

Oil absorption:
Batiste is definitely still a winner in this area. Both the 'Wild' and 'XXL Volume' options soak up oil instantly. The Colab options on the other hand were a little disappointing.  They do the job well enough, but I found myself spraying half the can into my hair to get the result I wanted. I also found as the day went on, the oil would come back in my hair after using the Colab one. 

The Batiste 'XXL Volume' definitely lives up to its name, the results with this are crazy! I think that is what attracts me the most to the Batiste shampoo. The 'London' Colab dry shampoo also has a little more omph in it (though not quite as much) and do want to try out a Colab one, I think this would be your best bet.

Stickiness and residue: 
Now this is where I am let down by the Batiste dry shampoo, though it gives a heck of a lot of volume, it does leave a lot of residue and can leave your hair feeling gritty. I have found the Colab is a lot better in this area, especially the 'sheer and invisible' model. It actually leaves your hair feeling quite refreshed, but as I mentioned it is not as powerful and long lasting.

White hair and the dreaded 'dandruff effect':
A lot of people complain about the white streaks you get from Batiste dry shampoos, however I find a quick brush through with you fingers fixes it. If it is an issue for you though, Colab only leaves the slightest of white streaks. I also find the Batiste can be quite irritating on my scalp (particularly the volumising one) and a little bit flaky making it look like I have dandruff. Because of this I have stopped using it as often. With Colab I still had this problem but on a smaller scale.

So which is better?
To be honest, neither of these dry shampoos are perfect. I think I had a lot of high hopes for the Colab dry shampoos and I was left a little disappointed with their performance. Although I don't like the way Batiste irritates my scalp, I think I'm going to stick with it for now, but I'll keep my eyes open for other options.

Do you have a favourite dry shampoo? let me know in the comments below, I would love to try it!

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Scream Queens Inspired Outfits | Halloween 'Chanels' Lookbook

We have been loving the new series Scream Queens and have put together a lookbook of outfits inspired by the stylish Chanels'. We put together these outfits with clothes we already owned and thought they'd make fun Halloween costumes this year. Just grab some fur, pearls, pastels, and sass and you're ready to go! Hope you enjoy the lookbook :)

If you havent seen the show, you probably might think this lookbook is a little crazy, and we guess it is. But the show is hilarious and we love the fashion. You can check out the trailer here if you are interested. 

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brunch at Mission Bay - A Weekend Outfit

Last weekend we celebrated our Gran's 85th birthday with a big family brunch at the Mission Bay Stonehouse. Brunch was followed by a surprise helicopter ride over Auckland for Gran, which she loved. It was an awesome day and we vlogged the whole thing so look out for that in an upcoming video! 

Now that its getting warmer here in NZ, I can finally dust off my summer dresses. Shock horror, bare legs! Yep, it has defintiely been a while since we saw those.  However it's still a little chilly when out and about, so on this day I styled it with my trusty leather jacket and favourite Windsor Smith sandals. 

Dress - Blak // Jacket - Vintage // Shoes - Windsor Smith // Sunglasses - Cotton On

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Top Drugstore Products/Favorites - Affordable Makeup

As university students, we love a good makeup bargain so today we thought we would share with you our favourite products from the drugstore. All these products are super affordable but still great quality and we love them loads. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite drugstore item is!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekly Vlog #12 - Baking with Ellen & Working in a Hospital?

We're back with a good old weekly vlog today! In this vlog you follow Ellen to uni, go penny boarding, here about Tara's hospital placement and learn to bake the yummiest cookies. Don't forget to give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe for more videos.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Styling Denim Jackets Pt II

I debuted this jacket on the blog almost a month ago now (see here) and it also featured in our September favourites (here). I've been enjoying styling it in a wide range of ways from casual outfits to those with a slightly more formal base like in this post. I love that the addition of a single item like this jacket can change the vibe of a whole outfit. 

Jacket + Skirt - The Warehouse // Shoes c/o Boohoo // Shirt - Glassons // Sunglasses - Onceit // Nails - Maybelline in 'Surreal'

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Easy DIY Candles Video

We love candles and decided it would be a fun DIY to learn how to make our own! We used vintage sugar bowls and soy wax to create our unique candles. It turned out to be super easy so we hope you guys enjoy this video and let us know if you end up making some candles yourself :)

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Double Buckle Belt - Kendall Jenner Inspired

My girl crush on Kendall Jenner is no secret, I may or may not even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to her. On one of my Pinterest procrastination sessions, I came accross a series of photos of her wearing this double buckle belt. Now Miss KJ is the type of women who could probably afford to never wear the same thing twice, but I managed to find over five seperate outfits with the belt. 

However a quick Google online revealed that the belt was way out of my price range, but a few weeks later when I was in Australia I was lucky enough to find a similar one. Though it is not quite the same as Kendall's, I think it adds a really cool element to your outfit. Feeling inspired by Kendall I styled the belt with a black top and pants.

 Jeans - Cheap Monday // Top c/o boohoo // Coat - Vintage // Bag - Australia // Shoes - Hannahs // Belt - City Beach

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Spring Lookbook - Neutrals, Stripes + 70s Inspired

This week we bring to you a fun spring inspired lookbook in collaboration with Farmers. Khaki, neutrals, stripes and 70s inspired clothes are some of our favourite trends this season. We hope you enjoyed this lookbook, don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you did!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video for Farmers. Farmers provided the clothing but all the pieces were hand picked and styled by us for this lookbook.


OUTFIT 1// Stella Eclipse Top  ($89.99 RRP) & Zest Weekend Safari Tie Waist Skirt ($59.99 RRP)

OUTFIT 2// Urban Precinct Crochet Top ($49.99 RRP) & Urban Precinct PU Skirt  ($59.99 RRP)

OUTFIT 3// Whistle Blazer ($99.99 RRP) & Zest Weekend Jogger Pants ($59.99 RRP)

OUTFIT 4// Urban Precinct Striped Dress ($69.99 RRP)

We hope this lookbook gets you inspired and excited for spring. Farmers have a new way of shopping their New Season Collection. Share your Farmers finds on Instagram, or Twitter using #FounditatFarmers and your image could feature. Then check out their website here to shop what everyone else has been sharing with the hashtag.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

New Investment Pants - Shopping More Ethically

I decided I needed a new pair of pants for my clinical placement as all of my budget pants had stretched (in a bad way). For a while now Ellen and I have been trying to be more thoughtful about what we buy and where possible purchase from ethical/sustainable brands. When I found out about Gorman's policies around this I decided to check out their store for my next investment purchase, a new well-fitting pair of pants. 

There were many styles in store but I fell in love with this pair (which are on sale at the moment which is double win). They have a beautiful navy based jaquard print and huge pockets so I don't always need to carry a bag with me. I had to order my size online because they didn't have it in store, and I impatiently checked the tracking number everyday until they arrived on my doorstep. I've already worn them twice this week, and I'll continue to outfit repeat with no shame because this is love baby.

pants - Gorman // top - Topshop // necklace - Amazon // watch c/o Jord // shoes c/o The Warehouse // belt - Portmans // lips - Wet'nWild in 'Spiked with Rum'

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