Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 Shopping Hacks for Students


If you read our blog often, it is probably fairly obvious that we love to shop. Over the years we have picked up a few tips and tricks for shopping whilst on a student budget. Today we are sharing our top five shopping hacks and the best places to shop that are kind to your wallet.

1. Buying second hand
Last month Ellen bought her first designer handbag and although it may look brand new, she actually got it second hand for a fraction of the price (check out the blog post here). Thrifting is one of our favourite ways to shop because it is a great way to save money without having to sacrifice your style. Some of our favourite local second hand stores are Finders Keepers, Paperbag Princess and Savemart.

2. Shopping the sales 
When you are on a tight budget but feel a desire to shop, the sale section is your new best friend. If you are shopping online, Fashion Lane is a great place to find the best sale deals. Fashion Lane gathers sale products from over 90+ online store allowing users to find the best sales instead of searching the sale section of each individual website. Ellen tried it out the other day and bought a pair of Windsor Smith Heels for 50% off!!

3. Use Student Discounts
Lots of stores offer student discounts instore and now you can get them online too. gives you access to the best student discounts from your favourite stores. Tara's signed up and uses it to get 10% off all her asos orders.

4. Newsletter discounts
The next time you open up your favourite online store and that pesky pop up appears asking you to join their newsletter, don't ignore it! Often signing up gives you a small discount code you can use for your next purchase. Also it means you will most likely be notified of future sales and perhaps even a bonus discount code or two. Ellen used one when she ordered her ball shoes off The Iconic.

5. Sell old clothes
We all know the feeling when you look into your wardrobe and feel like you have nothing to wear. When that happens, change up your wardrobe by selling your unused clothes and buying something new. We love using local second hand stores like Finders Keepers and THe Recycled Boutique who sell your clothes on your behalf. Alternatively you can also look online to TradeMe or Designer Wardrobe.

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  1. Really helpful tips for everyone, not just students! :) xx

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  2. Helpful tips. I recently started using myunidays.


  3. Thanks for the tips! We often do most of our shopping during the sales anyway but it's so annoying when something you've been coveting sells out or has a rubbish discount :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  4. Some great tips! Myunidays was probably my most used discount programme when I was a student, I shopped at ASOS a lot!


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