Sunday, April 17, 2016

5 Concealers Tried & Tested - Maybelline, Collection & LA Girl

Over the past year or so I've tried quite a few different concealers which I've come to love for different reasons. So today I thought I would share my little concealer collection and the strengths/weaknesses of each one.

1. Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Eye concealer

When I first tried this concealer I didn't like it. I was so used to a much heaver coverage thick concealer that the light fluid consistency of this one was foreign. After trying it for a little while I decided I loved it. For the lightness of it this concealer has pretty decent coverage. It can cover blemish scars and most of my under-eye circles (just enough peeks through that I still look human haha). The applicator is a bit strange and I still haven't figured out how many twists to get enough product out, but this is a solid favourite for me.

2. Maybelline Super-Stay 24hour concealer

This concealer is a recent addition to the collection after watching a video on the Pixiwoo channel where Nic talked about concealers. This one was meant to be long lasting, high coverage, but not too dry and it certainly lives up to Nic's high praise. This concealer isn't as dry feeling as the collection one (see below) and I think I would repurchase this one over it when it's run out.

3. Maybelline Fit Me concealer

I had a little love affair with this concealer just over a year ago, repurchasing three tubes of it before moving onto other things. It's quite a wet formula incomparion with the 24hour and Lasting Perfection concealers so not as long lasting. I also find the coverage a little lower which I used to find frustrating when trying to cover blemishes and scarring. It is a good little concealer if you want a lower coverage natural look.

4. LA Girl Pro Conceal

When I bought Ellen one of these for her Beauty Advent Calendar last Christmas they only had packs of three on BeautyJoint, so naturally I also bought one for myself. I'd seen Shannon from Shaaanxo talking highly of this so I wanted to give it a try. Like the Maybelling Fit Me concealer it is lower coverage and creamier than some of the long lasting formulas. I find it doesn't quite conceal my scarring or under eye circles, but I LOVE using it for cleaning up my eyebrows. Sometimes the edges of my eyebrows go a bit mad when I use dip brow and the brush applicator on this concealer is perfect for getting a sharp edge.

5. Collection Lasting Perfection concealer

If you've watched a beauty youtuber do their makeup chances are you've seen them use this concealer. It's dry, high coverage and long lasting. Ellen finds it a little too dry, but I really like it as I have oily-combination skin and like a more matte look to my makeup. These are great value and available at supermarkets in NZ so pretty easy to get which is awesome to repurchasing. I think the Maybelline 24-hour has recently pushed this concealer off top spot for me, but it's early days so I might return to this reliable star.

Do you have any concealers you really like and recommend I try? I've heard great things about the Nars Creamy concealer but never tried it, maybe that should be next on the list!



  1. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is really good, I love it, sometimes I find it doesn't have quite enough coverage, but it's great for everyday. I really want to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear Waterproof Concealer, I've looked at some reviews of that and it looks promising.


  2. nice cosmetics!

  3. very informative post! thanks. I feel kinda odd about concealers probably should give them another try. (thankfully I'm very rare panda-like with under-eye circles)

    Inside and Outside Blog

  4. This is such a great post! I absolutely love the Maybelline one. It works really well for day to day.

  5. Nars radiant creamy concealer is my favorite out of the many I've tried in the past. I also recommend the YSL Touche Éclat concealer if you're willing to splurge a bit :)


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