Monday, April 25, 2016

Diane Von Furstenberg Heels - Mini TradeMe Haul

They may be ridiculously high and hard to walk in, but they sure are beautiful. Last week Tara and I were feeling a little bit spendy when we stumbled across these two pairs of Diane Von Furstenberg heels on TradeMe. These bad boys retail somewhere between $350-$400 full price, so we could not believe our eyes when we saw they we listed for only $75. To make it even better, both pairs were brand new, never worn, and still in their original boxes and dust bags. Mind. Blown.

I've been a fan of DVF for a long time, and when I read her book a few months ago I fell even more in love with her and her brand. These shoes are seriously like a work of art. The quality is on a whole new level than any other shoe I've owned. I could be slightly skewed by the enchanting DVF logo and packaging, but they are definitely something special. The only thing wrong with them is that i'm left wanting to buy another pair. Not necessarily the worst thing in the world, but definitely not great for my bank balance...

DVF Buckie heels in Leopard Print // DVF Bethany heels in Polised Lizard


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  1. Perfect heels! love it!


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