Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Stay Motivated - Top 5 Tips

I'm about to reach the half way mark of my final year of university and like many other students, the motivation is starting to waver. Realistically that race to the finish line becomes more of a crawl. For todays post I wanted to share some of my tips for staying motivated. I thought typing them up in a blog post could help as motivation for myself and hopefully these tips will help some of you guys too.

1. Set goals
There is a reason they made us practice goal setting in high school, it actually really helps. Having an articulated goal to strive towards can really help push you to work harder and keep you focused on what you actually want to be achieving.

2. Read the biography of someone you admire
Reading someone else's life story where they share both their successes and hardships always inspires me. This is probably my favourite tip from this post actually! If your a fashion lover I would recommend giving Grace Coddington's memoir a read as well as Diane Von Furstenberg's.
See our post about must-read fashion books here for more info about these books

3. Reward yourself and have something to look forward to
I knew this would be a hard year at university, so I decided to save up my summer earnings for an overseas trip at the end of the year. I even have a little counter app on my phone counting down the days till our flight leaves. Having something positive to look forward to can get you through the rough patches.

4. Have a side project
When uni gets busy, having a creative side project actually helps me stay motivated. Whether you want to start a blog, take up a new sport or try opening your own online store, having something you're passionate about on the side can help create a nice balance to your life and stimulate your creative juices.

5. Take a day off
Step away from the computer and take a day off to recharge your batteries. Although it might be hard,  I find that taking time away from your work and going for a walk or doing some exercise makes me come back more motivated and productive.

What helps you stay motivated? Let us know in the comments below cause sometimes staying motivated is hard and we'd love to know your tips!



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Ellen and Tara

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