Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Shoe Haul - four new additions to my closet

1. Thigh High 'Olivia' Boots c/o Public Desire
If you live in the online world like me, you have probably heard of the brand Public Desire. It seems like almost every blogger and Youtuber has a pair of PD shoes in their wardrobe and I was way too overexcited when they offered to send Tara and I a pair each. I was having a bold moment and selected these crazy suede heeled thigh high boots. Though they're not your everyday casual boot, I've actually wanted a pair for the past couple of years. I blame Miranda Kerr. I remember seeing a paparazzi shot of her wearing a pair over some blue skinny jeans and she sold me. For now I'm still experimenting with how to style them, but there is a lookbook styling video with some ideas on our youtube channel up now!

2. Black leather heels by Clarks
I'm trying to build up my corporate wardrobe and sometimes shoes can be the hardest. Although I'd love to wear my DVF stilettos, they are not practical for walking from the bus stops, and in all honesty, I just don't think my feet could handle a full 9-5 day in them. When I first tried on these Clarks heels, it felt like my feet had gone to heaven. Seriously. Maybe I've spent too much time wearing cheap ridiculously high heels, but the soles on these are so squishy and they just mold to your feet. I ended up not purchasing them because despite being on sale, they were still a little pricey. But I couldn't get them off my mind so a few months later I went back and when I saw they were still there I decided it was fate.

3. Ballet pumps c/o Butterfly Twists
I've always appreciated a good pair of foldable ballet pumps, but it wasn't until my internship that I actually took them for a test run myself. A 15 minute walk in the rain from the bus stop to the office is no fun in heels, but these shoes provided the opportunity to do a sneaky switch once I got to the office. I've become one of those working woman I always see carrying their high heels on their way to work. I kind of love it.

4. Suede black loafers
In my teenage quest to become Nancy Drew, I fell in love with loafers. This particular pair I've already worn a lot. The simple design and black colour means they go with everything. You may recognise this particular pair because Tara already owns them. I always see her wearing them and decided I needed a pair of my own hehe #sorrynotsorrytara



  1. awesome shoes! so cute. Oh I totally need a new pair of shoes... now! haha

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. Love the boots! You have such a lovely blog, stop by anytime :)

    xoxo Sienna

  3. I love the black loafers! I have no clue how to walk in heels, although I'm a little interested, but I'm definitely more of a flats person :p

    Akino |

  4. Luv the Clarks Mary janes. They look so classy. Also the ballet flats are perfect. I have some foldable ones for the exact same reason.

  5. Luv the Clarks Mary janes. They look so classy. Also the ballet flats are perfect. I have some foldable ones for the exact same reason.


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