Friday, February 3, 2017


We shared this video over on our Youtube channel a few weeks ago, but we never shared it to our blog, so here you go anyone who missed it! In this video we put Tara and Connor to the test to see who could answer some questions about Ellen the fastest. This was a lot of fun to film so we hope you enjoy it!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

8 Hours in Sydney

What can you for 8 hours in a city you've never been to? Not much, but it sure was fun. Last year when we went to bali, our trip was briefly interrupted by an 8 hour stopover in Sydney. Not only did this mean our flights cost less, we got to have a quick explore of a city we'd never been to before. We set ourselves a challenge to see how much of scorching hot Sydney we could see in just 8 hours.

This weekend we came to edit the vlog we had filmed of our 8 hours only to realise we had deleted the footage accidentally. But we still had a few photos, and although we're gutted we no longer have the video, we thought this would make a fun post.

The first stop was of course the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Can we pause one second to appreciate the train in this city? We walked straight of the airport and onto a train which dropped us almost at the footsteps of the opera house. Public transport this good is a foreign concept for us Kiwi's and we were pretty amazed to say the least.

After a drink and a snack on the waterfront we spent the remainder of our short few hours in sydney wandering the streets. The buildings we're beautiful, but nothing quite compared to the at the Queen Victoria Building. It was an amazing shopping mall and at the centre stood a breathtaking 24 meter christmas tree.

After a wee bit of shopping, our feet began to tire and our hanger set in so we headed back to the airport. It was a brief, but awesome first taste of Sydney!

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