Thursday, June 1, 2017

New to my closet // Autumn Winter 2017

This year after a big wardrobe clean-out I've made quite a few new additions to my closet, so today I thought I'd share a few.

Item 1// Jumper - Kowtow

The first of the new additions to my closet comes from Kowtown in a revolutionary NZ colour choice  for winter (not). Jumpers and colder weather are like two peas in a pod and I always look forward to the time of year I can start adding warmer layers. The organic cotton of the knit feels really nice compared to scratchier jumpers I've owned over the years and I love the texture and detail of the seed stitch. I have been eyeing this up since they were sold out last winter so snapped one up when I saw it was in stock!

Another Kowtow purchase this time a long sleeve striped top that I've already had heaps of wear out of. I mentioned this in our March Favourites video (click here to watch) and the love has not waned. This is such an easy to wear comfy piece that I've worn to work and on weekends. 

Item 3// Bell-sleved top - Made by me :)

This top was made during a time where I was trying to spend less and inspired by the bell sleeve/ruffle trend that has been in stores recently. The neckline could've been better but it didn't turn out too bad for a top with a pattern I made up as I went! 

Item 4// Leather Jacket - The Warehouse

After Ellen kind of claimed our other "shared" pleather jacket from The Warehouse I decided to get one of my own and The Warehouse always has good cuts and price points for theirs. If an outfit is missing something I always find a leather jacket can finish the look and this classic cut does the trick well.
Item 5// Sunglasses - Illesteva from SmartBuyGlasses

Item 6// - Pleated Skirt - Closet London from Asos

I picked up this skirt for something nice to wear to Ellen's 21st birthday and that I could also wear in a range of situations. I decided on a pleated skirt that I could dress up or down and chose this leather look number from Closet London (in blue of course). I've worn it lots since and even put it in our May favourites this month (below)

I hope you enjoyed this peek into some new things in my wardrobe!


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