How to Dress Like a You Mean Business - A Girl Boss Outfit

I’m pretty lucky to work in an office that’s quite casual. Though I usually love to dress up, I do have days where I like to wear jeans, sneakers and a comfy knit. Equally there are days when I have important interviews, or busy days where I just need the power of a good outfit to get me through it. In this post I’m going to be talking through my current go-to girl boss outfit.


Every woman needs a good blazer

I purchased this blazer recently from Cue as well as the matching pants to make it a set, but it also works great with other things too. No other jacket can compare to a quality blazer in my opinion. I feel so classy and sophisticated wearing this thing and it makes me think I can conquer the world. I’m going to be honest, this is the most expensive blazer I’ve ever bought and it was quite a treat for me, but it was worth every penny in my eyes.

Jeans are comfy and cool

I love balancing out this formal blazer with some more casual jeans. This may not be to everyone’s taste but I feel like it gives the look a real effortless feel and says, “hey I just woke up and threw on this outfit and look damn fabulous”. I also admit this look is very Meghan Markle inspired because boy can she rock a good blazer-jeans combo.


You don’t always have to wear heels

I opted for loafers with this outfit because although I do love how heels look, they’re just so darn uncomfortable and bad for my knees! I’m also 5”11 so when I put heels on I’m very tall. But I also think people sometimes get the impression they always need to be wearing heels to look sophisticated. However, as you can see here, these suede black ones still look great with the whole ensemble.


Never underestimate the power of a handbag

A friend once told me that you can wear whatever you want but have a nice, expensive handbag and you will look great regardless. I think she was bang on the money there. Yes, a designer handbag can be a big investment, but it’s something you will have for the rest of your life and it adds such an elegance to any outfit - even a pair of jeans!

Black is a chic and easy option

I avoided wearing a button up shirt with this look because although I wanted to look like a boss babe, I didn’t want to be too corporate. I instead opted for a simple black top that tied in really nicely with the black lining of my blazer.


Blazer - Cue (similar here & here) // Jeans - Lee Rider (similar here) // Bag - Michael Kors (similar here)