59 Thoughts a Millennial Has in One Day


  1. I spent 30% of my grocery budget on avocados this week

  2. I can’t wait to be retired

  3. I wonder if what new quiz is on Buzzfeed today.

  4. I'll never be able to buy my own home

  5. Maybe if I stop buying snacks from the vending machine at work I'll be able to afford a house. I've just got to save, i can do this!

  6. Nope. After five minutes googling property prices I can confirm I will definitely never be able to afford  a house.

  7. I need to Google when the avocado season starts again.

  8. When was the last time I went to the gym again? 

  9. Stop everything. Its instagram o'clock, I just post now 

  10. I'm at 10,000 steps, if my Fitbit runs out of battery or breaks now I will flip.

  11. I wonder what it actually feels like to flip a table.

  12. I should move to Bali and start a smoothie bowl business

  13. When did I last go to the dentist?

  14. Should I buy this bottle of Rosé that’s on special or splash out and spend an extra $5 tonight?

  15. My underwear matches my bra today. I’m ready to conquer the world

  16. Do i really need to buy a screen protector or can i just live life on the edge?

  17. Yes, I've made a mistake I should have bought a screen protector

  18. I must have paid off my student loan by now.

  19. Oh God I just checked and it's still five figures. In going to be in debt forever.

  20. I wish I lived at home with my parents to save money.

  21. I wish I could afford an apartment so I didn’t have to live with my parents.

  22. Is it appropriate to eat ice cream for breakfast? I think yes.

  23. Having an Instagram theme is impossible



25. My mum was married with kids at the age I am now. Meanwhile I can’t even decide what to eat for breakfast.

26. I’ll never understand the Instagram algorithm

27. I swear I only just bought my IPhone, how is their a new one already?

28. I’m never going to find a good job

29.I think it’s time to binge watch the Gilmore Girls for the 27th time.

30. I must be super woke.

31. I’m trying to be more aware of what’s going on in the world but notifications from the NZ Herald app are so annoying I think I’m going to delete it.

32. Jacinda Ardern is my queen

33. I still don’t understand how Donald Trump is president

34. I have no career path, what am I doing with my life

35. I should quit my job and become a full time influencer

36. Will eating raw cookie dough really kill me or is someone just trying to mess with my life?

37. If anything bad happens to me I hope it’s caught on camera. I could go viral

38. Why did they make us all learn the recorder in primary school? What were they training us for??

39. I know the names of all the characters in Game of Thrones but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the new girl at work

40. I’ve been watching too much Keeping up with the Kardashians, I’m starting to talk like them

41. I only go to work to pay for the food that I need to stress eat cause by my job

42. I hate it when people ask me what I’m doing tonight, I don’t even know what I’m doing in the next 30 seconds

43. I need to invest in property away from the ocean for when the sea level rises.

44. I should buy all organic food but it's so expensive.

45. I need an instagram husband

46. The apartments in retirement villages are so much better than where I live

47. I must remain calm in this argument, there’s no Netflix in prison

48. Discontinued beauty products are why I have trust issues

49. Why can’t I ever keep my plants alive?

50. I love it, but does it come in rose gold?

51. I only ever read the time on my phone, but I definitely need to buy that cute watch I saw on Instagram

52. I spent two weeks rent on a designer handbag. No regrets

53. I thought I would have figured out my life by now

54. I should probably change the wifi password from the default that comes with the box

55. I’m stressed out from all the stress I’m feeling

56. I’ve already watched this TV show 37 times, time to watch it again I think

57. They need to make a white wine emoji

58. Whenever someone tells me their height in feet, I imagine how many Subways long it is

59.Netflix is my one true love


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Tara Mackenzie