Are Silicone Face Brushes Worth the Hype? One Year Review of the Foreo Luna

When I first purchased the Foreo Luna Mini 2 last year, my eyes were watering at the price tag. Did I really just spend $200 on a vibrating face brush? Yep, I did. Today I’m going to be reviewing it after a year of use and telling you if it’s really worth all your hard earned pennies.


I love skincare, so gadgets like these have always intrigued me. I’d been using the Clinique Sonic Face Brush for a little while and absolutely loved it. It’s very similar in that it’s a vibrating cleansing brush with no rotation. The only problem for me was that the brush got dirty so quickly and I really couldn’t afford to keep buying new brush heads so often. I also found after a only a few uses with one brush head, it started to spread my acne. 

So when I started reading about Foreo and how easy to clean and hygienic their silicone is, I was intrigued. And it’s certainly lived up to that end of the deal! I use mine lots in the shower and run it under the water to clean it. It’s super easy and I’ve never had a problem with it triggering of spreading my acne. In fact, I think it’s actually helped stop my spots. 


Another big win for me was that the Foreo Luna Mini 2 is rechargeable. This means it’s better for the environment because you won’t just chuck it out when the battery dies. But if you’re worried about  having to charge this thing every week, then let me stop you right there. Are you ready to have your mind blown? I charged this once when I first purchased it in September 2017 and have only had to charge it once since then - in fact, it was only yesterday, November 24 2018!! Now that is one good battery.

Overall, it’s still in perfect condition and looks almost brand new. In the past year I’ve probably had a month where I got lazy and stopped using it, but I quickly came back to it because it just makes my skin feel so good. Now I go through phases where I will use it everyday or sometimes just three times a week. It’s brilliant at removing makeup and giving you a really deep cleanse. If you’re sitting on the fence not sure whether or not to invest in this nifty face tool, then I’m here to tell you, after an entire year of use, this bad boy is totally worth it!

Foreo Luna Mini 2 - Available to purchase on Asos, Amazon, Revolve Clothing and Nordstrom