Why I Care About Ethical Fashion


Have you ever thought about where your clothes were made? Over two years ago I watched the heartbreaking True Cost documentary on Netflix about the people working in factories making clothes.  Seeing the horrible conditions of these factories in such raw video right in front of my eyes was really eye opening and has forever changed my view on chainstores. Since then I've been trying to change my shopping habits and make more thoughtful purchases. Nowadays anytime I find a clothing item I fancy thats under $60, I wonder what the person was paid to make this garment and what their quality of life is like. Often that thought makes me put the item back on the rack and return my wallet to my pocket.


So, how do you shop more ethically then?

Finding ethical brands that fit my style is hard work, and in some cases it takes months of hunting around the internet. A straw hat is something that I've been wanting in my wardrobe for over a year but I could never find one that was ethical or sustainable. Finally I discovered Will & Bear, a brand with a strong environmental ethos and as an added bonus, they also plant trees for every hat purchased. 

But it's so expensive...

Often whenever I bring this topic up, the number one response I get from people is that ethical clothing is too expensive. And that's a fair point and something i struggle with myself. My advice is to save as much as you can and buy just that once piece instead of five items from H&M or Glassons and also try thrifting. Im also not saying you have to quit buying from chainstores all together because i definitely cant afford to do that either. But when you do go there, only by items you know will last and you know you really want or need. Last year i bought two new tops from Zara for work and for some holidays in Australia. Both I'm still wearing constantly and absolutely adore.


But ethical fashion is not just about buying clothes that have been made in a fair or sustainable way, it's also about adjusting your shopping habits. In my view, I've cut down on my shopping a lot and I'm never one to waist a good outfit by just wearing it once. #outfitrepeater. A prime example of this is the dress I'm wearing in these photos. I bought it from a boutique in Bali at the end of 2016 and I've worn it a million times since and although its already been featured on the blog, I love it so much I continue to post photos of it. Just remember, you don't need to buy a new item of clothing every pay day - work with the amazing things already in your wardrobe and appreciate what you have. 

Dress - Bali // Bralette - minicami (a NZ made brand) // Hat - Will & Bear