Are Jade Rollers just an instagram trend or actually useful?


I used to think jade rollers were a little bit of an overrated trend more about the instagram aesthetics than function,  but I’m now one of the converted. After a lot of searching on amazon for a good price (#studentlife), I got one to see if it would fit into my skincare routine. 


After a couple months of ownership, I’ve found a lot of enjoyment using the jade roller. I’m not sure it’s made a significant difference to the results of my skincare routine but it has increased my enjoyment of it.  I've been working on overhauling my skincare slowly and I've been enjoying bringing rolling into it.

The first positive I like is that by rubbing in your chosen moisturiser oil or serum with the roller you will find you will use less than you would than applying with fingers. I've found that handy if I'm using something pricey I'm trying to ration and won't really benefit the palms of my hands/fingers. It's also ideal when you're using a thick or sticky product (e.g. Weleda Skin Food) that might not be so easy to apply, I've found using the roller helps makes application a lot easier.


The second main plus I’ve found is the roller feels great when you have a headache or facial muscle tension. I suffer from a lot of headaches (still getting to the bottom of the causes) and the coolness of the jade and massage of rolling feels amazing when you have a sore head. I’ve also found it great on jaw and other facial muscles as I tend to clench and carry a lot of tension in these. Not really their intended usage but it’s probably my favourite thing to use it for haha.  

Some people talk about the benefits of de-puffing, increased circulation, and smooth wrinkles. I can't say I've noticed these improvements in my study of one haha but maybe time will show these.

They're quite inexpensive so I figured it was worth trying out to see if I like it and I did. I think I may have even inspired Ellen's purchase of one for herself ;P. (edit: hi this is Ellen and yes she did *wink*). So if you've been on the fence about facial rollers maybe this was what you needed to get in there and give it a roll! 

Tara Mackenzie2 Comments