5 Ways to get Over Creative Block


We all have those days when we sit down at our computers to work and it’s a battle. Or maybe we don’t even make it to the computer and we’re too busy procrastinating in the kitchen or watching our cat clean itself (or in my case my pet budgies, #allergies). Today I’m going to be sharing how I get around a creative block or a writing block.

Ironically it’s 7:30pm on a Sunday and I’ve put off writing this post all weekend….


Get outside

Fresh air can always help clear your mind. And you never know what you’ll stumble across outside that could inspire your next project.

Switch projects

When I’m writing and I hit a wall, I always find it helpful to switch to another story. Sometimes I’ll end up with three different word documents open on my computer as I go between them whenever I’m stumped. It’s the same with when I’m editing a video, and even today I was writing descriptions for some new products for our boutique when I decided I wasn’t feeling it and thought I’d write this post instead!

Work out

I know this isn’t everyone's jam, but a quick workout always gets me motivated. If I’m feeling sluggish and uninspired, a 30 minute gym session can leaving me feel refreshed and energised. It might sound crazy but sometimes you really do come out with more energy. That being said, don’t push yourself to do it when you’re really, really tired, which brings me to my next point…


Have a nap

We all work hard and sometimes we are just too exhausted! Having a nap can do wonders or if that’s not enough, walk away and get an early night. You can wake up refreshed and energised to tackle your project in the morning.

Word vomit or your job’s equivalent

When I’m struggling with a story I often just force myself to write or what I call word vomit. I smash a whole bunch of ideas out on my keyboard, even if they’re all in bits that make no sense and it’s riddled with spelling mistakes, it’s so much easier to come back later and edit it into something better. It’s the same with editing videos, I’ll go through and pull all my clips and dump it into my Premiere Pro project then go back and tidy it up adding music, titles and any effects.

Watch a Youtube video

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’m lying in bed in my PJ’s completely unmotivated watching YouTube when I come across a creator who inspires me to get up and moving. I love watching other people chasing their dreams and working hard - it always makes me think, “Hey I can do that too!”

Talk to others

If watching other people on the internet isn’t your thing, talk to some humans around you. Whether it’s a activity group or club, catching up with close friends or a networking event.

So those are all my tips - let me know if you have any of your own in the comments below!

xx Ellen

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