Sunday, August 2, 2015

Evening Routine Video - Back to School Edition

We are both back at uni now and thought we would share with you our evening routine for back to school! This is what we get up to on an average night at home and we also show you how to make yummy overnight oats which are great for school. We hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into what we get up to with in our evenings.

See this blog post for Tara's outfit (Ellen's coming this week).

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

How To Layer: 5 Ways To Keep Warm In Winter

One of the many reasons I love winter is because the temperature means layering is essential, and I do love to layer. I don't have a set summer and winter wardrobe, instead I wear typically summery things like this sleeveless polka dot shirt and skater skirt and layer it with a combination of other things to keep warm. It also means you can peel off some layers if you end up somewhere with good heating, which is essential if you overheat easily like I do.

1. Jumpers // I love jumpers (I literally have a draw full of grey jumpers alone) and they are an essential layering item in winter. It  could be a light weight jumper to wear under a jacket, or it might be a chunky knit that is super cosy for braving the brisk winter days. 

2. Coats // I think I just love outer-wear in general, because I love a good coat. I think coats are something that's worthwhile investing in as most of us will end up wearing this with the majority of our winter outfits. It's also good to size up and get a size you can wear over your jumpers.

3. Thermals // Wearing a thermal top or other kind of warm long sleeve top under some of your summer shirts is one way you can get wear out of them not matter how cold it is.

4. Tights // I really enjoy wearing tights in winter because they mean I can still wear all my pretty skirts and dresses instead of wearing pants or jeans all the time. 

5. Beanies/Scarves/Gloves // All of these can add that little bit of extra warmth and are easy to put in you bag to layer if you want to be able easily adjust your level of warmth. 

 jacket - made by Tara // polka dot shirt, skirt - The Warehouse // grey jumper - Country Road // necklace - Matchbox studios // shoes c/o The Warehouse // nails - Butter London in 'Jaffa'

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Vlog #8 - Instagram Secrets + Epic Homemade Pizza

In this weeks vlog we make homemade pizza, go to a Clinique event for their Face Forward campaign, and show you how we edit our Instagram photos. We had planes to also vlog on the Saturday of this week as Ellen had plans to go to an awesome French market, but then it rained! We hope you enjoy this little weekly vlog anyway :)

Remember to thumbs up the video for more weekly vlogs, and subscribe to our youtube channel here.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

DIY Room Decor + Organisation - Pintrest Inspired

This week we share a few Pintrest inspired DIY's Ellen has done in her room including some copper spray painting, a whiteboard desk, mason jar wall holder, and a vintage makeup case. Let us know if you'd like to see any more DIY's!

DISCLAIMER: This video contains paid content for the new Post-it Dry Erase Surface which we think is a really cool product. All other items were purchased/made by us with our own money :)

- Learn more about the Post-it Dry Erase Surface here 
Other Mason Jar holder video instructions
Where we bought our spraypaint 

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Insta-Roundup: Tara and Ellen's Recent Favourites

Things have been pretty busy around these parts now that we are both at uni again. So we thought today we would both share a few of our favourite instagrams from the recent months :) If you're not following us on instagram yet come and join in on the fun!

 ELLEN// Posing with my favourite blogger Margaret Zhang at a Clinique event // Pamper evening using Lush's 'Comforter' bubble bar + reading 'Paper Towns' // A selfie after playing around with hair chalk // Makeup + chocolate = a girls best friend // Cinderella inspired hair of the day // A quick 'what's in my bag' shot

TARA// An OOTD from a work day // Flat-lay of a recent beauty haul (see the video here) // An OOTD with some study snacking // Ice Skating with Britney // Playing with light leaks while walking home one evening // My plant friend (which is still alive FYI)

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