Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Instagram Round-up : favourite moments with Ellen

This past week I have had two lectures on social media at uni. It has made me realise how much of a social media addict I have become. As the lecturer went on about how to use social media in journalism and marketing I simply nodded my head in agreement realising a lot of the techniques he was discussing were things I already knew. 

I've always been fascinated with what you can do with social media, but Instagram is by far my favourite social media channel. I am very much a visual person, so maybe that's why. I can't go a day without looking at my instagram, and I also try to post there daily myself. So for those who don't already follow me on instagram (hint hint, I think you should), today I thought I would share a few of my favourite snaps from the past few months. 

1// Yes that is a signed copy of Katy Perry's album and tour book. I am one lucky girl! If you missed our vlog, I got to go backstage at her concert back in December. Check out the video here.

2// A little shot of my bedroom one night watching Pretty Little Liars

3// Planning adventures over Starbucks with friends

4// Reading 'Leaving Time' in a relaxing Lush bath

5// Showing off my ASOS tote bag for our 'what's in our bag' video. Watch it here if you missed it. 

6// A day at home in my favourite Warehouse PJ's.

7// The most epic flatlay ever of the products from our huge beauty haul! Check it out here.

8// ANZAC day dawn service hand knitted poppies

9// Smiling after our adventure to New Zealand's first Topshop store. See what we bought here.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Youtube Made Us Buy It - beauty & fashion inspired by youtubers

This video is all about the fashion and beauty products we have bought because of youtube! This is a selection of a few of our favourite things Youtube essentially made us buy. We also hope you check out all the amazing channels we have featured in this video. It's amazing the power that youtube has these days. Whenever we are looking to buy something new, youtube is where we always look for reviews and recommendations. Hopefully you find this video a little bit and fun and let us know if we've ever influenced you to buy something.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

OOTD | Subconsciously dressing like a hunter from Supernatural

If you and I were ever stranded somewhere and running out of conversation topics I would inevitably start taking about one of my favourite TV shows, Supernatural (and depending on your reaction it could be a long conversation). I can clearly remember watching that first season alone in the dark ten years ago and I am still watching all these years later. Now this might sound like one of the nerdiest things I've said on this blog, but if I was a character in Supernatural this is probably how I would dress. Dressing like a hunter wasn't my intention when I put together this outfit, but once I noticed I couldn't think about this outfit any other way.

shirt c/o The Warehouse // jeans - Esprit // rings - Karen Walker, Pandora // boots - Number 1 Shoes

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Winter Fashion Essential : The Oversized Trench

Since my last post on winter jackets, I have officially ditched the whole coat slinging/wearing jackets on your shoulder thing. Instead I have fallen back in love with the over-sized coat trend. I guess I like to hop around when it comes to trends, but recently I have been obsessed with this long blush trench coat. This little boohoo number came into my life last October so it didn't really get much wear before the summer heat hit New Zealand. Now that its getting colder I am really starting to appreciate its practicality and style. I wore this outfit to university last week and I just love the 'wow' factor it added to the outfit. It completely transformed a simple jeans and stripy t-shirt combo into something quite glam (if i do say so myself). It's definitely going to be my fashion essential this winter.The only thing that bugs me about this coat is its tendency to wrinkle - arg! but if you squint really hard you barely notice ;) 

top + coat c/o Boohoo // boots - Hannahs // jeans - Sass & Bide (second hand) // necklace + bracelet - The Warehouse // sunglasses c/o Cotton On

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

What's in our bags video 2015!

We're big handbag enthusiasts so today we thought we would rummage through our university bags and see what's inside! We did a 'what's in my bag' video last year, but decided we wanted to update it since we both have new bags.

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